Advancing Food Safety: VSQI Hosts Event in Hanoi to Promote New Printing Ink Standard

HANOI, Vietnam, May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In response to the growing importance of safe inks for food packaging in Vietnam, the Vietnam Standards and Quality Institute (VSQI) has taken proactive steps to address this crucial issue. With the recent establishment and publication of Vietnam National Standard TCVN 13928:2023 “Printing ink for food packaging – General requirements” at the end of 2023, the nation is now poised to enhance food safety standards across the packaging industry. This standard bans the use of hazardous components in ink formulations. For example, it excludes toluene as solvent used in ink formulations. Toluene is a well-known solvent in the printing ink industry that has been suspected of damaging unborn child and was prevalent at levels that could affect odor and food quality (organoleptic properties).

Dissemination of Vietnam National Standard (TCVN) 13928:2023 Printing Ink for Food Packaging
Dissemination of Vietnam National Standard (TCVN) 13928:2023 Printing Ink for Food Packaging

As part of the campaign to promote the new standard, VSQI has organized a significant event in Hanoi on May 14, 2024,  titled “Dissemination of National Standards (TCVN) Printing ink for food packaging – General requirements” This event will bring together key stakeholders including ministries, packaging associations, and representatives from various industries to discuss and align on the importance of adopting safe printing inks for food packaging.

“The introduction of National Standard TCVN 13928:2023 marks a significant milestone in our efforts to ensure the safety and quality of food packaging materials in Vietnam. This event in Hanoi provides a platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders as we work towards implementing this important standard.” said Mr. Phùng Mạnh Trường at VSQI.

VINPAS (Vietnam Packaging Association) also recognizes the importance of this initiative. Mr. Hoang Cong Khanh from VINPAS said “The event aims to shed light on the expectations and benefits of having a standardized approach to printing ink for food packaging. By ensuring that printing inks meet specific safety requirements, Vietnam can enhance consumer confidence, protect public health, and strengthen its position in the global market.”

Siegwerk, a global leader in printing inks and coatings, joined the event and stands firmly behind the commitment to support this new standard. As a company dedicated to producing the safest ink solutions, Siegwerk fully supports the goals of National Standard TCVN 13928:2023. “Through continuous innovation, stringent quality control measures, and a focus on sustainability, Siegwerk reaffirms its commitment to delivering printing inks that meet the highest safety standards for food packaging applications.” said Mr. Janarthanan Nallasura, Managing Director at Siegwerk Southeast Asia.

In conclusion, the event in Hanoi organized by VSQI serves as a catalyst for advancing food safety practices in Vietnam’s packaging industry. By embracing the new ink standard and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, Vietnam takes a significant step towards ensuring the safety and integrity of its food supply chain.

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