AEWIN Brings AI Power to Everywhere from Edge to Cloud

Displaying All-direction AI hardware at AI Expo Korea 2024

TAIPEI, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AEWIN Technologies Co., Ltd (doing business as AEWIN) will present all kinds of intelligent hardware at AI Expo Korea 2024 including Agile AIoT Device, Embedded AI Equipment, valued AI Appliance, Edge AI Server, and High Performance AI Servers. From real-time inference to compute-intensive AI training/retraining, AEWIN offers complete hardware solutions for required AI workloads covering from AIoT to Generative AI.

Displaying All-direction AI hardware at AI Expo Korea 2024
Displaying All-direction AI hardware at AI Expo Korea 2024

AIoT combines the power of AI algorithms with the vast network of interconnected devices to enhance automation, analytics, and decision-making capabilities. Edge computing devices featuring embedded AI power, sufficient computing power, ethernet connections, and low power consumption would be set around the data source for real-time reactions. Targeted innovative applications include smart manufacturing, smart city, smart healthcare and more.

Embedded AI equipment including industrial fanless pc supports wide operating temperatures to deal with rough environments of the factories and ultra-compact size for easy implementation at any edge. With AI power enabled, it is perfect for quality inspection and real-time security management of smart manufacturing.

Valued AI Appliance and Edge AI Servers are suitable for different requirements of video analytics for smart city from real-time inference to optimization of AI models with continuous retraining at the edge. Tower PCs supporting one or two dual-width GPU cards are able to handle low latency AI applications for diverse intelligent patient services and management in smart healthcare.

Regarding High Performance Edge AI Servers, they feature excellent computing power with the latest Intel Xeon Scalable/AMD EPYC processors, high throughputs, and outstanding expandability for AI accelerators which are perfect for machine learning, deep learning, MEC, Generative AI, and more. For intensive AI workloads required by generative AI, AEWIN designs high density GPU servers with excellent thermal management solution.

AEWIN provides time-to-market AI hardware with great performance, high reliability, outstanding scalability for all-direction scenario. In addition to the ready-to-go platforms, AEWIN offers speedy customization to tailor customer’s need with excellent Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Learn more about AEWIN’s booth at AI Expo Korea or contact AEWIN sales at any time!

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