Align Spaces Straight as an Arrow with Cutting-edge Laser Levels from Fanttik

HOUSTON, April 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Fanttik, the premiere international award-winning brand in innovative tools, is proud to present its 2024 series of laser levels, namely the D2, D2 Pro, D2 Plus, D12 Pro, D12 Plus, and the brand new marvel – the D16 Apex.  With a variety of options, Fanttik has your home improvement and industrial work covered with laser precision.  The announcement highlights the launch of the D16 Apex – the ideal self-leveling laser level for professional construction grade use.



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The D2 line of Fanttik laser levels has a broad coverage of 120° horizontal and 120° vertical coverage with 120° vertical/horizontal beam spreads. Stepping up, the top-of-the-line D16 series comes with the entire arsenal of 4 x 360° spread of 3D beam spread cover for every utility imaginable.

[Series 1: With LED Smart Displays] For Complete Task Analytics

The D2 Pro, D12 Pro, and the venerable D16 Apex sport a convenient LED screen to inform you of every status angle, laser line, pulse status, and real-time battery status, enabling you to make informed decisions with pinpoint control. The newest offering – the D16 Apex takes precision to a new level with OSRAM green laser technology, illuminating double that of regular red beam levels. Offering quadruple 360° planes, it spans floors and walls for the perfect ceiling job with a projection distance of 100ft. With an IP54 rating, the rugged build guarantees waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant durability, eliminating concerns about accidental drops compounded by a magnetic stand. Fanttik’s D16 Apex offers unmatched precision, convenience, and durability for a seamless leveling experience. 

[Series 2: Suitable for Home Improvement] Models that Transform a House into a Home 

The Fanttik D2, D2 Plus, and the D2 Pro are tailored for home improvement and domestic uses. For instance, the D2 Plus is the perfect assistant whether someone is hanging wallpaper, assembling furniture, putting TV mounts, or setting up picture frames. Everything is up for grabs, even furniture assembly and carpentry. With an external pulse mod, the laser’s 100-foot indoor range may be extended to 200 feet. For a limited time, they have discounts ranging from 15%-25% on Amazon!

[Series 3: Suitable for Construction Use] The Heavy-Duty Laser Levels

With the D12 Plus, D12 Pro, and the marvelous D16 Apex, the brand steps to heavy and professional-grade leveling tasks. Given the smart analytic LED screen, workers can stay fully aware of every task in real-time with the D16 Apex. Also, given the advanced green OSRAM laser technology, accuracy is always at the forefront, which showcases an accuracy of ±1/8″ at 30ft. with a range of 100ft. So, when the task is critical, Fanttik not just holds its own but shines bright with ultra-precise performance, meeting industry standards for construction tasks.

Looking Ahead

Fanttik’s laser-level series has received recognition at the prestigious IF Awards, solidifying the brand’s commitment to excellence. The brand remains dedicated to enhancing the living experience for consumers and improving construction and industrial experiences for all.

About Fanttik

Fanttik is a youthful, dynamic brand dedicated to outdoor, household, sports, and automotive products that cater to every need for the perfect adventure. It has been honored to have sponsored and collaborated with NASCAR drivers numerous times. Its products have been reviewed by a myriad of esteemed YouTubers, such as Donut MediaSamcrac, and Silver Cymbal, to name a few. Its inflator models won the revered SEMA Global Media Awards 2022 and SEMA Best Tire and Related Product Award 2023 in Las Vegas, NV. Fanttik also sponsored and collaborated with NASCAR Xfinity Series’ Kyle Weatherman four times, most recently with NASCAR Cup Series’ Noah Gragson and NASCAR Xfinity Series’ Cole Custer in 2024.


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