Binzhou, Shandong: Green Electrical Power Boosts the Transformation and Upgrading of the Household Furniture Industry

BINZHOU, China, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — “It is currently the peak season for decoration and there are a great number of orders. So we have been ramping up production at our factory recently. Thank you very much indeed for providing guidance on electricity use!” said Wang Qi, the person in charge of Shandong Fanglin Aluminum Industry Technology Co.Ltd. to an employee of State Grid Binzhou Power Supply Company who came to inspect the electricity situation on May 6th.

Fanglin Aluminum Industry is a professional household furniture enterprise that integrates aluminum home furniture customization, profile research and development, furniture production and sales. The company has introduced advanced production equipment and leading technical skills. With a first-class design team, they have designed a series of high-end and fashionable aluminum home products. “As the production equipment becoming increasingly intelligent, the requirement for power supply is also very high. It is definitely impossible without the guarantee of reliable electrical power. We are very satisfied with the electricity service and have no additional worries!” said Wang Qi, the person in charge of the company.

As a pioneering area in the national construction of green, low-carbon, and high-quality development, Shandong Province has continuously deepened the transformation from the old driving forces to the new ones in recent years, and has accelerated green, low-carbon, and high-quality development as well.

The household manufacturing industry is one of the traditional superior industries in Zouping City, Binzhou, Shandong Province. As the environmental protection standards becomes increasingly higher and higher, a new industry, which aims to “replace wood with aluminum” with all aluminum home furnishings, emerged in recent years. Now, Zouping has over 50 aluminum furniture brands and more than 10,000 employees, making it the largest distribution center for all aluminum household furniture production in Jiangbei, China.

Electricity is the basic guarantee for the upgrade of this industry. State Grid Binzhou Power Supply Company is fully committed to providing electricity services for industrial parks and enterprises through innovative and diverse service methods as well as the simplified and optimized electricity application process. Meanwhile, the “zero certification electricity application”, “non-face-to-face electricity application” and “one-chain transaction” are fully promoted by the company. Enterprises only need to apply for electricity usage on the State Grid APP, the Power supply workers will actively provide door-to-door services. Then the goals of “electricity usage without face-to-face purchasing, electricity application without going out” are achieved. And the previous “enterprises seeking for electricity” is changed now to “electricity seeking for enterprises”.

While enhancing the reliability of power supply, the company has also customized efficient services for enterprises, formulated “one enterprise, one policy” proposal to optimize electricity consumption, and guided enterprises to avoid peak production accurately and effectively. By reducing the costs and increasing the efficiency, the company boosts the green and high-end transformation and development of these traditional pillar industries.

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