BitoGroup’s Strategic Expansion Doubles Market Reach in Taiwan

TAIPEI, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BitoGroup, the leading cryptocurrency market leader in Taiwan, has been driving the development of Bitcoin infrastructure and transactions since 2014, commanding a remarkable 90% market share in the country. With its performance doubling and an observed 50% increase in its active user base, BitoGroup is at the forefront of pioneering everyday crypto applications. It offers innovative services such as the ‘Points-to-Crypto’ service, crypto payment solutions, and cryptocurrency exchange services.

Recognizing its dedication to innovation, BitoPro Exchange was honored with the prestigious Digital Innovation Award. The updated BitoPro Exchange app enhances user experience and ranks second on iOS App Store, making it the most preferred crypto exchange in Taiwan, reflecting BitoGroup’s commitment to accessibility.

BitoGroup Builds an Extensive Bitcoin Purchase Network

Taiwan boasts the second-highest density of convenience stores globally, with flourishing loyalty programs forming the cornerstone of daily life. According to the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) in Taiwan, “Points Accumulation and Redemption” ranked as the most pragmatic feature among major retail app functions in their 2021 consumer behavior survey.

BitoGroup’s strategy revolves around forging partnerships with prominent entities to facilitate the transition from Web2 to Web3 for both businesses and the general public. The collaboration between BitoGroup, Circle, and Taiwan FamilyMart is a strategic move to capitalize on the opportunity presented by loyalty points. The partnership introduces a groundbreaking ‘Points-to-Crypto’ service, allowing 17 million FamilyMart members to seamlessly convert loyalty points into digital currencies like BTC, ETH, USDC, and USDT.

Since 2014, BitoGroup has led Bitcoin purchases through convenience stores, offering mobile barcode payment via the BitoPro Exchange App across 4000+ physical stores. This initiative garnered international attention, marking a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency market.

About BitoGroup

Founded in 2014, BitoGroup aims to use blockchain technology to achieve the goal of inclusive finance, including assisting companies and consumers to enter the new era of Web3. The businesses of the group include BitoPro (a cryptocurrency exchange), BELS (an NFT empowerment platform), and O2 META (a metaverse-focused social media platform).

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