CAVAN AUTO Officially Launched with the Mission of “One Mile One Smile”

BEIJING, Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On January 27, CAVAN AUTO, a new energy vehicle (NEV) brand, marked its official entry into the market with a launch event, aptly themed “One Mile One Smile”. Founded in partnership with China’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer Foton, Bosch Ventures and Boyuan Capital, SinoHytec, and BAIC Capital, CAVAN aims to foster a zero-carbon, sustainable transportation future, dedicates to develop a proprietary intelligent platform architecture for NEVs and to build a novel business ecosystem in this arena. By leveraging advanced renewable energy (RE) technologies, CAVAN is dedicated to delivering value to customers worldwide, introducing innovative RE solutions, and leading the charge towards a carbon-neutral future in transportation.

CAVAN strategically embraces both pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell technologies, focusing on three major platform products: commercial vans, light duty commercial vehicles, and heavy duty commercial vehicles. The design of these vehicles incorporates unique elements such as lightweight construction, high efficiency powertrains, extended range capabilities, advanced intelligence systems, and superior comfort. CAVAN is gearing up to debut its first product in the market in 2024.

In its pursuit to be a leader in the complete vehicle platform and RE technologies, CAVAN has developed its proprietary Master architecture, which prioritizes innovation in the overall vehicle platform, including electronic and electrical architecture, fuel cells, hydrogen storage, as well as the battery, motor and electric control systems.

CAVAN prioritizes customer-centric value with comprehensive RE solutions, addressing user needs in vehicles, intelligent mobility, charging, and energy management. The company’s sustainability commitment extends to building a carbon-free ecosystem covering the entire value chain by establishing a zero-carbon supply chain, developing carbon-neutral production facilities, and creating carbon-free products. By doing so, CAVAN aims to achieve carbon neutrality across its entire value chain by 2040.

CAVAN revealed its logo during the event, with ‘C’ symbolizing its dedication to a low-carbon future, ‘N’ representing New Energy and Nature, highlighting the goal of sustainable, nature-friendly transportation. The ‘AVA’ segment reflects the company’s 3A’s – Advances in renewable energy technologies, Advances in design concepts, and Advances in quality.

Dedicated to its “One Mile One Smile” mission, CAVAN strives to exceed expectations with smart vehicle services, leading in platform and RE technologies, and fostering a progressive, sustainable business model within a green energy ecosystem.

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