CCTV+: International Day for Biological Diversity: Yunnan Jinping’s “China • Honghe Butterfly Valley” witnesses the peak period of butterfly emergence

BEIJING, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On May 22, the International Day for Biological Diversity, the “China • Honghe Butterfly Valley” in Jinping County, Yunnan Province, also witnessed the peak period of butterfly emergence. Nearly 100 million Argyropis spp. butterflies underwent metamorphosis and emerged from their cocoons, hovering and dancing in the air, forming a splendid sea of colorful butterflies, performing a magnificent dance of life.



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Jinping County boasts superior climate conditions, with air quality remaining above 99% excellent year-round. The average concentration of negative oxygen ions reaches 3,269 per cubic centimeter, far exceeding the first-grade standard of “Air Negative Oxygen Ion Concentration Grade.” With abundant rainfall, fresh air, and vast forests, these favorable natural conditions have laid a solid ecological foundation for the butterfly emergence and also become a paradise for people to live in. The average life expectancy of people living here is 2.3 years higher than the national average, with the county’s average life expectancy reaching 79.3 years. In 2019, Jinping County was named “The Longevity Homeland of China,” and in 2020, it received the title of “China’s Natural Oxygen Bar.” Most recently, in 2023, it was awarded the title of “The Butterfly Homeland of China.”

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