Celebrating the Future: The After Party “To The Moon” at TEAMZ Web3/AI SUMMIT 2024

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SINGAPORE, May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Held as the glamorous after-party following the groundbreaking “TEAMZ Web3/AI SUMMIT 2024” (https://web3.teamz.co.jp/), this exclusive event was orchestrated by SheisDAO, a dynamic company with bases in Japan and Singapore, in partnership with Meteorn Run and Meet48. It served as a vibrant convergence point for luminaries in the Web 3.0/AI sphere, including esteemed experts, venture capitalists, innovative startup founders, and top-level executives from across the globe, coming together to revel in the dawn of Web 3.0. Sponsored by leading Web 3.0/Tech enterprises, the event boasted an impressive attendance, with approximately 551 distinguished participants and 50 influential figures, boasting a collective following of over 4 million.

Featured DJs:
Watanabe Sisters
Suya (Co-Founder of SheisDAO)
Irie (CEO of Samurai Partners)

Comment from Toto, Co-Founder of SheisDAO,”After the resounding success of our previous after-party at Token 2049 Singapore, we are thrilled to replicate that achievement with this Tokyo event. This occasion marked a pivotal moment as we introduced the transformative potential of Web 3.0 to a broader audience, engaging the influencer community for the first time. At SheisDAO, we are actively engaging with investors, starting with the seed round, leveraging platforms like “TEAMZ Web3/AI SUMMIT 2024”. In an industry where women remain underrepresented, particularly in Japan, we see Web 3.0 as an opportunity for female empowerment in tech. It’s with this vision that we established SheisDAO, striving to make Web 3.0 technology accessible, enjoyable, and seamlessly integrated into daily life. Our mission is to foster a more equitable and transparent digital landscape through various initiatives.”

SheisDAO, presently in preparations for seed round funding, is a pioneering staking platform revolutionizing user interactions and profit mechanisms on social media. By harnessing blockchain technology, they ensure fair compensation for content creation and engagement, fostering a more transparent and rewarding digital ecosystem. Their platform empowers users to monetize their content effectively, supporting creators and facilitating authentic brand-influencer partnerships effortlessly. With SheisDAO, the company are shaping a more inclusive and transparent social media landscape for all.

Official Information:
SheisDAO Website: https://www.sheisdao.io/
Sheis Inc. Website: https://www.sheis.global/
Official Instagram: https://instagram.com/sheisdao?igshid=MjEwN2IyYWYwYw==

Contact: Mia@sheis.global 

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