Computime Steps into Hong Kong’s EV Charger Market through Strategic Partnerships with Key Local Charge Point Operators

HONG KONG, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A technology, brand and manufacturing solutions provider, Computime Group Limited (“Computime” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, stock code: 320.HK), is pleased to announce a significant milestone in entering the electric vehicle (“EV”) charger market through collaboration with key charge point operators (“CPOs”) among Hong Kong EV charging service industry. This move signifies our first stride into the fast-growing Hong Kong EV charger market and is a significant step forward for our Group.

These CPOs hold a commanding lead in Hong Kong’s market share, primarily serving key public facilities, shopping malls and residential estates. We will tailor and customise EV chargers to meet diverse needs and applications. In the initial phase over 100 units will be deployed within public facilities on the Hong Kong Island. For the next phase, our target is to supply more than 2,000 EV chargers. The collaboration with key CPOs has made our EV chargers accessible to the Hong Kong market, also marks the official launch of our EV chargers’ commercial use.

The EV chargers to be supplied are based on the VERDI EV Charger model, which was honored with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Product Design in 2023. The chargers, offering personalised connection options, provide flexibility for various use-case scenarios, meeting the demanding needs for fast-charging solutions among local users in Hong Kong.

Mr. AUYANG Pak Hong Bernard, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Computime Group, said, “As a company rooted in Hong Kong, we are eager to deliver an excellent charging experience to local users. Our partnership with Hong Kong’s key CPOs enables direct engagement with users and the delivery of smart and advanced solutions, showcasing our dedication to promoting smart and sustainable living. We are looking forward to strengthening these collaborations, driving innovation in eco-friendly products tailored for our customers in Hong Kong. Hong Kong marks the beginning of our journey, and our sights are set on a broader horizon. We aim to expand into overseas markets in the next quarter. As we look to the future, we plan to seize the opportunities presented by globalisation to introduce our products to a wider market and contribute to global advancements in green technology.”

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