ecozy Unveils the World’s First and Most Compact Smart Nugget Ice Maker

This game changing next-gen flagship smart nugget ice maker is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 

IRVINE, Calif., May 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ecozy, a leading global home appliance brand, is introducing the World’s First and Most Compact Smart Nugget Ice Maker on Amazon. This groundbreaking smart ice maker provides chewable, crunchable, craveable fresh ice anytime, anywhere, without wasting too much space or time. The EcozyHome app control and voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant set a new standard for smart nugget ice makers. As the first best-value smart nugget ice maker, it marks a significant milestone in smart ice-making technology, integrating advanced features for modern convenience.

The World's First and Most Compact Smart Nugget Ice Maker
The World’s First and Most Compact Smart Nugget Ice Maker

Nugget ice is a specific type of ice that’s known for its perfect texture and addictive qualities—and it’s captured the hearts of ice lovers everywhere. As needs in portability and budget-friendly products continue to accelerate, and based on the popular trend of smart innovative technology, the ecozy R&D team has finally developed this cost-effective smart nugget flagship ice maker, successfully breaking the price barrier of over $350. This flagship model offers an excellent alternative to the ice found in popular fast-food chains, enabling ice enthusiasts to enjoy this luxury at home. If you’re on the hunt for a high-tech kitchen Father’s Day gift, this is a good choice. Use code 10JYAUHB for an additional discount.

ecozy Nugget Ice, The Perfect Ice
Nugget ice, known for being soft to chew, chills drinks quickly, and retains the flavor of the drink, is a sought-after choice for many. Its unique porous texture allows it to absorb and blend with the flavors of your drinks, enhancing the overall drinking experience. Nugget ice cools drinks quickly and melts slowly, keeping beverages cold for longer and perfect for ice chewers of all ages, providing a fun and stress-relieving experience without the worry of hard-to-chew ice.

ecozy’s nugget ice maker boasts a 40% smaller size and a 37.5% larger ice production capacity than conventional models. It can produce up to 35 lbs of ice per day and provide enough ice for 3-5 drinks in an hour, making it more efficient than some larger models that have a smaller output of about 24 lbs.

No More Old Ice, No More Overnight Ice
With the latest smart version, users can now enjoy the convenience of scheduling, timing, and remotely controlling their ice makers. No more settling for stale, overnight ice — freshness is always guaranteed. For busy professionals, pre-scheduling in the evening means waking up to fresh ice, and even when away, users can start the ice-making process before reaching home. For hosts, advance scheduling ensures that ice is prepared for gatherings, enhancing the guest experience. Customizing ice-making times saves energy and reduces waste. Always have fresh ice on hand.

Enjoying fresh ice, while also conserving energy, is now possible with the addition of an automatic cleaning function. This feature ensures the machine is thoroughly sanitized and descaled during its 15-minute cleaning cycle, maintaining both the freshness of the ice and the machine’s optimal performance. Users can even check the usage history of their ice maker through the app. Additionally, with work with Alexa certification, support for Alexa Echo, and Google Assistant, taking appliance control to the next level with seamless hands-free voice commands has become a reality.

A New Standard in Convenience, Performance, Experience
With its large capacity, clear view of the ice, and whisper-quiet fan, this ice maker offers an unparalleled experience with its one-touch ice-making and cleaning functions. The desktop-friendly compact design, coupled with a built-in 1.1L water tank, ensures convenience and efficiency. The transparent and removable ice basket allows for easy monitoring of ice levels, while the handy carrying handle adds to its portability. Additionally, a complete cleaning kit is included for ease of maintenance.

This ice maker is truly the star of the show for upcoming soccer tournaments like the Copa América and UEFA European Championship! Imagine cheering on your team with a cold, crisp beer in hand, all thanks to this amazing ice maker. It’s perfect for RV trips, summer camping BBQs, beach days, and keeping your drinks cold and fresh. Even the professionals in the catering world can’t get enough of it! This ice maker is your go-to companion for a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

Pricing & Availability
The ecozy Smart Nugget Ice Maker is now available on Amazon for a retail price of $339.99. For a limited time, it is offered at a discounted price of $169.99. Customers can take advantage of the summer sales to enjoy an additional 10% off with code 10JYAUHB through June 2nd. To learn more about ecozy products, follow us on social media.

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