ELIS Kindergarten Opens Doors in Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh City

SEOUL, South Korea, April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ELIS (Eye Level Integrated School) Kindergarten has officially opened in Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh City, with a focus on providing a nurturing learning environment for young children. The kindergarten, operating under the slogan “Explore and Discover Your Potential,” began its operations on April 1st, attracting considerable attention from local parents.

Situated within the Thao Dien Green Building, ELIS offers structured programs aimed at fostering creativity and critical thinking among children aged 2 to 5. Developed by Daekyo, a prominent education company in Korea, the curriculum follows Korea’s Nuri Curriculum and draws on Daekyo’s 46 years of educational experience.

During the pre-opening briefing, parents appreciated ELIS’s comprehensive programs, which aim to enhance children’s comprehension, problem-solving skills, and creativity. The kindergarten also provides various extracurricular activities, including Korean language instruction, sports, art, and science programs.

ELIS provides comfortable facilities, including spacious classrooms, a swimming pool, and playground, to ensure children have enjoyable learning experiences. Additionally, the kindergarten features a large auditorium for physical education classes and performances, as well as a multimedia room equipped with smart boards for interactive learning.

To keep parents informed and engaged in their children’s education, ELIS uses the Kidsnote app, facilitating easy sharing of children’s daily experiences. Furthermore, the kindergarten emphasizes children’s nutrition by offering nutritious meals prepared in-house by experienced chefs.

ELIS represents a collaboration between Daekyo’s educational expertise and an international perspective, aiming to deliver a premium educational experience for children in Ho Chi Minh City. Through its dedication to excellence, ELIS aims to positively contribute to the development and growth of young learners in the community.

For more information, visit the ELIS website at eliskinder.kidsnote.ac or contact them at 0815 550 085. The kindergarten is located at 192 Nguyen Van Huong St, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC.

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