Faszin Develops “Zero-Damage Hair Styling” Philosophy, the First of Its Kind

PULHEIM, Germany, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hair styling brand Faszin is making an international name for itself with its damage-preventing styling tools. The brand has achieved recognition among styling enthusiasts for its “zero-damage hair styling” philosophy developed to accommodate hair of all types.

At its core, the philosophy is built on a trio of technologies collectively dubbed the “3A Hair Shield Tech”.

Faszin Develops “Zero-Damage Hair Styling” Philosophy, the First of Its Kind
Faszin Develops “Zero-Damage Hair Styling” Philosophy, the First of Its Kind

The first A stands for “Anti-Frizz” technology. It refers to Faszin’s IonPeak system, a built-in ion generator that releases tens of millions of negative ions to flatten the hair cuticle and help it retain moisture.

The second A refers to Faszin’s “Anti-TempShift” technology. First, Faszin’s HeatShotZ heating units reach their ideal temperature rapidly. Then, its HeatSyncX system monitors temperature 60 times per second, adjusting it to achieve even heat distribution and prevent hair damage.

The final A represents “Anti-Friction” technology, and is achieved through the materials used in Faszin products. While typical styling products use ceramic plates, Faszin uses smoother aerospace-grade titanium plating. The brand’s testing showed that this material caused virtually zero damage even after 20,000 passes.

This “3A” technology pairs with Faszin’s “4S” desired results: Ultra Shiny, Ultra Smooth, Ultra Speedy, and Ultra Smart. The brand professes to be guided by each of these objectives in product R&D.

The flagship application of this philosophy appears in Faszin’s first ionic anti-frizz straightener: the Shield F100 Frizz-Free Hair Straightener. Featuring Faszin’s Anti-Frizz technology with tens of millions of negative ions, the straightener has been shown to eliminate 95% of frizz and flyaways in testing, resulting in shinier, silkier hair. With Anti-TempShift technology, this particular model can reach 180° C in just 20 seconds, allowing users to cut down on styling time. Finally, the product not only leverages Faszin’s Anti-Friction aerospace-grade titanium material to prevent damage, but also has a plate surface 32% larger than that of typical ceramic irons, enabling smooth results even with a single pass.

Building on its groundbreaking philosophy, Faszin has developed a diverse product range and served over 200,000 users, expanding into numerous markets across North America, Europe, and beyond. Moving forward, the brand continues on its mission of “bringing the zero-damage hair styling philosophy to beauty lovers worldwide”.

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