FNP.sg’s Vibrant OOH Branding Campaign Spurs Exceptional Growth in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FNP.sg, (formerly Ferns N Petals), is celebrating a remarkable surge in business, thanks to its innovative advertising campaign.

The company, one of the world’s leading gifting brands, has seen its website traffic nearly triple and sales more than double, following the launch of its colourful campaign with creatively wrapped taxis and buses, alongside strategic metro station placements.

Everyone’s noticed the FNP.sg taxis

FNP.sg’s colourful brand campaign has transformed over 500 taxis and 10 buses in Singapore into vibrant displays, featuring captivating images of flowers, chocolates, and cakes.

Conceptualised by Pinstorm, FNP’s marketing partner, the campaign has not only altered the city’s visual landscape but has also significantly boosted FNP.sg’s online traffic and sales, with visits nearly tripling and sales more than doubling over the same period last year.

Making Singapore Roads More Beautiful

The taxis and buses featured in the outdoor campaign stood out for their elegance and visual appeal, effectively displaying FNP.sg’s branding without the usual clutter associated with this medium.

This clean and artistic approach has resonated strongly with the residents of Singapore, bringing a refreshing change to the urban landscape  inspiring hundreds of them to post pictures of the FNP.sg taxis and buses on social media.

Singaporeans Embrace the Floral Journey

Residents of Singapore, like Lee Wong, have warmly welcomed this change. “Seeing these beautifully wrapped taxis and buses is such a refreshing experience. It’s more than an ad; it’s a moving piece of art that adds a little joy to my commute every day, and more beauty to our city,” says Wong.

The campaign’s widespread appeal is further echoed by Serena Louzado, another local resident, who shares her admiration for the initiative. “Suddenly, our streets are looking so much nicer. with these lovely-looking taxis and buses, and it’s something we all are loving and talking about in our circle of friends. It’s really a very creative way of doing it. FNP.sg has not just advertised their brand but has added a touch of charm to our regular travel,” says Louzado.

This sentiment echoes the success of FNP.sg’s campaign in creating a positive impact not just commercially, but also in enhancing the city’s aesthetic environment. The choice to use uplifting and cheerful imagery has contributed to a more enjoyable and visually appealing public space.

Community Engagement Through ‘Click Our Ride’ Contest

Further amplifying the campaign’s impact, FNP.sg launched the ‘Click Our Ride’ contest, encouraging Singaporeans to interact with the brand creatively. By capturing and sharing images of the branded vehicles, participants stand a chance to win prizes, thus fostering a rewarding and community-centric aspect to the campaign.

Insights from Rajesh Kumar, CEO, GCC & SEA, FNP

Discussing the company’s success, Rajesh CEO, GCC AND South East Asia of FNP said: “The initial numbers have been incredibly encouraging. Our focus on innovative branding and strategic marketing, especially the visually appealing taxis & buses, has resonated well with the community. We’ve seen a substantial increase in brand queries, indicating a strong and positive reception to our newly visible brand identity. Our increased web traffic and sales are a testament to the power of innovative and visually appealing marketing. At FNP our gifts are intended to make our recipients’ lives more beautiful. This campaign in a way aims to do the same for all its viewers.”

A Collaborative Success with Pinstorm

This successful branding initiative was conceptualised and brought to life via FNP’s partnership with Pinstorm, a multinational strategic brand advertising firm. The collaboration has harnessed innovative marketing to elevate FNP.sg’s brand visibility and connect with the community in a memorable way.

About FNP.sg

FNP.sg continues to be a pioneer in the gifting sector globally, constantly exploring creative ways to engage with its audience which received FNP gifts across over 100 countries. Known for its quality offerings, the brand is dedicated to enhancing every celebratory moment for its customers.

For detailed information about FNP.sg’s campaigns and product offerings, please visit www.fnp.sg or contact support@fnp.sg

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