FTLife announces strategic alliance with leading companies, creating shared value beyond insurance through an extended business network

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HONG KONG, Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FTLife Insurance Company Limited (FTLife) kicked off a new business alliance with strategic partners across sectors. This underscores FTLife’s brand promise of creating shared value beyond insurance by offering its customers and their families comprehensive life planning solutions and diverse lifestyle experiences, enabling them to live life to the fullest.

Man Kit Ip, Chief Executive Officer of FTLife (middle), together Denise Au-Yeung, Chief Strategy Officer of FTLife with event ambassador Eliza Sam and strategic alliance to kick off the initiative.
Man Kit Ip, Chief Executive Officer of FTLife (middle), together Denise Au-Yeung, Chief Strategy Officer of FTLife with event ambassador Eliza Sam and strategic alliance to kick off the initiative.

Together, the participating businesses represent a wide range of industries from healthcare and education to sports, arts, technology, travel and entertainment. FTLife also invited renowned actress Eliza Sam as the ambassador for the event.

Man Kit Ip, Chief Executive Officer of FTLife, said, “Since FTLife completed the change of indirect holding company last November, we are forging partnerships across CTFE’s robust ecosystem while strengthening collaboration with other external business partners who share a common vision to create value for our customers and their families. Moving forward, FTLife will continue to expand its alliances to capture diverse business opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, catering to the evolving needs of customers throughout different stages of life.”

Strategic alliance enables customers to live life to the fullest

Health management
FTLife has joined forces with The GBA Healthcare Group under CTFE, as well as Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, to provide premium medical and healthcare protection services for customers in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

  • The GBA Healthcare Group
    From 1 February 2024, FTLife customers residing in mainland China can access high-quality medical and healthcare services, including video consultations and medication delivery services, through the GBA Healthcare’s extensive network. This provides our customers with proper preventive healthcare and disease management.
  • Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong
    Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong provides premium medical, health management, and healthcare services catering to the needs of local customers. FTLife will also arrange video consultations and medication delivery services for designated customers, ensuring they receive timely, top-tier medical support from the comfort of their own homes.

Life Planning

  • ARCH Education
    FTLife has partnered with ARCH Education to offer professional overseas university admissions seminars, consultation services, and education programmes for students applying to the world’s top universities. This initiative allows students to prepare ahead for admissions whilst increasing their chance to get into their dream schools. The collaboration will start in February 2024.
  • KidZania Hong Kong
    FTLife has joined forces with the first KidZania in Greater China at 11 SKIES, located in SKYCITY near Hong Kong International Airport, becoming the title sponsor of the first ever FTLife Expo Centre, an EDUtainment sports arena within the attraction. This is the flagship campaign of “EDUtainment”, one of the four life pillars of FTLife. Children are able to turn their sports dreams into reality by playing the roles of professional football, basketball, and tennis players.

Sports & physical education

  • Paris Saint-Germain Academy Hong Kong and D•PARK
    FTLife has teamed up with Paris Saint-Germain Academy Hong Kong and Art Mentor Education Foundation once again to launch “MyFuture Athlete” football training programme^ for children at DPARK. Led by a team of professional coaches certified by the Paris Saint-Germain and Union of European Football Associations, the programme offers children the chance to engage in an international sports curriculum that aims to nurture potential football prodigies. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to visit Saint-Germain Football Club in Paris and interact personally with some of the world’s top football players. Enrolment will open in March 2024, with a series of training sessions commencing in April. (^This training programme is a collaborative course organised by Paris Saint-Germain Football Academy Hong Kong and Art Mentor Education Foundation. The proceeds from the course will be donated to the Art Mentor Education Foundation for social welfare purposes.)
  • EliteSwim Academy
    FTLife is also working with the professional team from EliteSwim Academy, including former members of the Hong Kong China National Swimming Team and local swimming record holders, on a thorough training programme, namely “MyFuture Flying Fish”, to nurture high-potential young swimmers. The programme is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2024.

Arts & Technology

  • K11 Art Foundation and K11 Craft & Guild Foundation
    FTLife is collaborating with the non-profit arts organisations, K11 Art Foundation (KAF) and K11 Craft & Guild Foundation (KCG), to organise a series of “Young Artisans Little Master Class” that aims to ignite children’s artistic potential and foster their all-round development. Exceptional artworks from participants may be included in the third stop of the world tour exhibition organised by KAF and KCG, namely “Voyage de Savoir-Faire”, in Hong Kong, with some pieces even being exhibited in Paris, building artistic connections across cultures. Registration for the “Young Artisans Little Master Class” will begin at early February 2024, with activities commencing in March.
  • Preface
    Given the rising demand for science and technology talents in recent years, FTLife has partnered with Preface, a renowned tech-enabling company, to provide children with computer programming training, while be a title sponsor of the Nomad Awards Tech Competition 2024, in which children will learn how to leverage technology to improve “Health & Wellness” and bringing a positive impact and value to society. Applications will open soon, please refer to official announcements for details.


  • New World CLUB and K11
    Since last July, FTLife has established a long-term collaboration with New World CLUB, unveiling a partnership aimed at holistically addressing the needs of customers across various life stages, which has been met with an enthusiastic response. Building on last year’s momentum, FTLife and New World CLUB are set to introduce a new series of engaging family-oriented activities. Membership in New World CLUB opens the door to a host of unique privileges and exclusive offers. Additionally, FTLife will collaborate with K11 to host exciting customer experience activities, enabling customers to create memorable experiences and quality moments with their loved ones.

Entertainment & Leisure

  • Trip.com
    FTLife is working with the one-stop travel service platform Trip.com, offering customers exclusive booking discounts for air tickets, hotel bookings, high-speed rail tickets, tourist attractions, and event tickets, fulfilling customers’ desire for outbound travel and leisure.
  • HOY TV
    FTLife has partnered with HOY TV, a subsidiary of CTFE, leveraging its media platform to address the specific needs of its target customer group—young families. By employing an online-to-offline media and content strategy featuring customised educational and sports content, FTLife aims to raise brand awareness among its target customers and reinforce customer engagement. This will be achieved by extending the reach and penetration of various attractive family-oriented activities.

*New World CLUB is not authorized under the Insurance Ordinance (Chapter 41) and does not carry on any kind of insurance business or conduct any regulated activities under the Insurance Ordinance (Chapter 41) in or from Hong Kong. All insurance business and/or regulated activities are carried out by FTLife.

About FTLife Insurance Company Limited
FTLife Insurance Company Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability; “FTLife”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NWS Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Stock Code: 659). With a heritage of providing insurance services in Hong Kong for more than 30 years, FTLife leverages the Group’s ecosystem to curate life chapters of customers and their loved ones with comprehensive planning solutions and lifelong protection, embracing wealth management and succession, health and well-being, and quality of life. Backed by the Group’s financial strength and advanced customer-focused digital technology, FTLife aspires to become the leading insurance brand in the Greater Bay Area, while also maximising shared value beyond traditional insurance for a sustainable future.

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