GoodWe Concludes Inverter Donation and “Green Genius Challenge” Campaign at AIMS School & College in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GoodWe, a global leader in solar solutions, recently concluded its SMT30kW inverter donation at The AIMS School & College in Islamabad, Pakistan on Jan 27th. The event underlines GoodWe’s dedication to improving energy accessibility in remote regions. Concurrently, the company organized a “Green Genius Challenge” campaign at the school, aligning with its “EcoSmart Kids” initiative aimed at empowering young minds worldwide to engage with environmental sustainability.

Dedicated to making education more accessible in Pakistan, the school faces challenges posed by the rising electricity costs. GoodWe’s donation of the SMT30kW inverter to the school contributes to easing the burden of energy bills and redirecting these funds towards student welfare and education. The SMT Series, designed for commercial rooftop solutions, boasts a maximum efficiency of 98.8%. It ensures an early power generation and extended working time, maximizing long-term returns within secure operating conditions.

Mr. Syed Imtiaz Ali Rizvi, Principal of The AIMS school, extended special thanks to GoodWe, highlighting the value of this collaboration.

As part of the event, GoodWe and the AIMs School and College co-organized the “Green Genius” Competition, part of the GoodWe’s EcoSmart Kids project. Students in Grades 6-8 showcased creativity in projects ranging from innovative electricity production methods to water conservation animations.

A panel of judges, including Ahmad Rafay Asad, Head of Operations & Technical Services at GoodWe, Fahad Ali, Country Manager of GoodWe, and Syed Owais Ali, a Solar System Consultant and Environmental Activist, along with the revered CraftsWomen owner, Ramma Jafri, provided valuable expertise, ensuring fair evaluation of each project.

The competition yielded remarkable results, with three Grade 7 students winning the championship for their innovative project on “Electricity Production through Water”. Second and Third Prize winners focused on solar energy, with three Grade 6 students earning the Second Prize for their captivating “Solar Energy Animation”, and three in Grade 8 recognized for their insightful project on the “Solar System Operations”.

Fahad Ali congratulated the students, and commented, “The Green Genius Challenge was a big win for raising environmental awareness among young people and showcasing GoodWe’s commitment to supporting the local community beyond business interests.”

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