GreenNode Joins Forces with Nvidia and Global Partners to Advance Generative AI Capabilities Across Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE, May 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GreenNode, a member of VNG Digital Business, has emerged as a key player in AI Cloud and driving Generative AI advancements across Asia Pacific. Leveraging cutting-edge Nvidia technology, GreenNode has unveiled significant innovations in AI cloud, generative AI chatbots and Stable Diffusion applications, marking a pivotal moment in the region’s AI development.

Through its strategic partnerships with industry leaders, namely NVIDIA, ST Telemedia Global Data Centres, and VAST Data, GreenNode offers a robust GPU Cloud infrastructure, enabling customers worldwide to seamlessly access and leverage powerful AI capabilities. As a Cloud Service Partner (CSP) of U.S. chipmaker Nvidia, GreenNode enjoys priority access to Nvidia’s premier chips and AI Factory solutions, enhancing its service offerings.

GreenNode is the official Nvidia Cloud Partner, leading AI Cloud services in the APAC regions.
GreenNode is the official Nvidia Cloud Partner, leading AI Cloud services in the APAC regions.

Since April 2024, GreenNode’s data centers in Thailand and Vietnam have been equipped with thousands of high-performance Nvidia H100 GPUs. These facilities offer efficient and rapid training of large language models (LLMs), significantly accelerating the delivery of generative AI solutions to businesses.

Sunil Chavan, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan at VAST Data, commented: “We are excited to collaborate with GreenNode to drive AI advancements in the APAC region and beyond. Accessing high-demand resources like Nvidia H100 GPUs has been a challenge for AI startups. By combining GreenNode’s instant access to H100 GPUs and VAST’s unique data platform built from the ground up for AI workloads, we can provide a seamless and resilient AI-as-a-Service that empowers organizations to deliver their innovative AI solution to market much faster.

In addition to its cloud services, GreenNode is also at the forefront of developing Generative AI technologies and applications. Notable developments include a 34-billion parameter Vietnamese Large Language Model (LLM) and a No Code Chatbot platform that facilitates high-performance, 24/7 customer service with AI-driven chatbots capable of handling complex Vietnamese interactions and precise question-and-answer sessions.

Moreover, in collaboration with VNGGames, GreenNode has successfully launched “Artian”, a Stable Diffusion-powered application that significantly improves the design and production of game characters and multimedia content, all powered by GreenNode’s advanced GPU cloud infrastructure.

Tung Vu, Head of Product, GreenNode & VNG Digital Business, added: “GreenNode is thrilled to be a driving force behind Asia’s booming AI innovations. Our GPU Cloud offering will facilitate regional AI trailblazers in delivering exceptional AI initiatives effectively.

For more information about GreenNode and its transformative AI services, please visit here.

About GreenNode:

GreenNode, a leading Nvidia Cloud Provider in Asia, specializes in AI infrastructure and AI product innovation. Operating a large-scale GPU cloud in Thailand and Vietnam that conforms to Nvidia Reference Architecture, GreenNode is committed to meeting the global demand for AI, ensuring unparalleled service reliability and technological excellence. The company’s rapid expansion in the APAC region is supported by VNG Digital Business, renowned for its robust digital solutions delivered to over 1000 enterprises.

About VNG Digital Business:

VNG Digital Business, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VNG Corporation, is dedicated to offering a diverse portfolio of products and services that utilize cutting-edge technologies in AI, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. By leveraging its vast expertise and cutting-edge technological capabilities, VNG Digital Business strives to play a leading role in digital transformation across Asia.

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