Hitachi LG Data Storage Announces New CEO and CFO: Hayata Makoto and Kang Jae Wook

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hitachi LG Data Storage (HLDS) announced the appointment of new CEO and CFO; At the inauguration ceremony on January 5, 2024, Hayata Makoto who previously held the position of CFO, was appointed as the new CEO, and Kang Jae Wook took on the role of the new CFO.

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Hitachi LG Data Storage (HLDS), a global joint venture between Hitachi and LG Electronics, has dominated the data storage industry for over 23 years. Known for its world-class Optical Disc Drives (ODDs), HLDS is now expanding its business domain to include Solid State Drives (SSDs), showcasing its commitment to continued innovation in the industry. The expansion is expected to boost the company’s revenue while providing customers with a wider range of storage solutions.

CEO Hayata graduated from Waseda University’s Department of Political Economy in 1985, and he embarked on his career at Hitachi. His previous roles include leading the Industries Audit Office at Hitachi Connective Industries Business Headquarters and gaining valuable experience at Hitachi’s Chinese subsidiary. With a solid track record of leadership within the company, he has assumed the role of CEO to highlight his expertise in both management and business.

CFO Kang Jae Wook, graduated from Kyungpook National University with a major in Accounting, brings over 20 years of extensive experience in overseas finance to his new role at HLDS. His career includes serving as CFO of LG Electronics in Japan, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil. With his diverse background and leadership experience, Kang is well-prepared to contribute to the growth of HLDS in the global market.

CEO Hayata and CFO Kang expressed their commitment. “As we continue to explore new markets, innovate with cutting-edge technologies, and enhance our product quality, we remain dedicated to growing as a sustainable global company that evolves alongside our valued customers.” they said.

Brief Profile

Hayata Makoto, President & CEO

2024.01 – Present CEO of Hitachi LG Data Storage, Inc

2023.04 – 2024.01 CFO of Hitachi LG Data Storage, Inc

2020.04 – 2023.03 Hitachi, Ltd. Head of Industries Audit Office, Connective Industries Business General Headquarters

2018.04 – 2020.03 Hitachi, Ltd. Director of Sales and Management Division of the Financial Supervisory Headquarters

2014.04 – 2018.03 Hitachi, Ltd. Director of Financial Process Solutions. Finance General Headquarters

Kang Jae Wook, President & CFO 

2024.01 – Present CFO of Hitachi LG Data Storage, Inc

2018.10 – 2023.04 CFO of LG Electronics Japan 

2016.02 – 2018.09 LG Electronics Ethics Management / Team Leader

2003.12 – 2016.01 CFO of LG Electronics (Chile, Colombia, and Brazil), 

2002.03 – 2003.11 LG Electronics Digital Display & Media Overseas Planning Group

1997.03 – 2002.02 CFO of LG Electronics Japan 

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