Huion Announces In-Kind Partnership for TED 2024 Conference


VANCOUVER, BC, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Huion recently sponsored 100 Huion Note smart notebooks for the TED 2024 conference. The in-kind sponsorship stems from the resonance between its brand keywords “Innovative, Fashionable, Practical” and the theme of TED Talks 2024, which is centered around sustainability and exploration of creative products.

With a vision of bringing digital ink solutions to more people worldwide, Huion is dedicated to developing technologies for innovative and convenient products to inspire artists and foster their creativity.

For this, the Huion product lineup embodies a commitment to technical functionality and creativity. By sponsoring 100 Huion Note for attendees who resonate with our mission, we strive to empower individuals to explore Huion more and embrace the convenience of our practical and creative tools.

Photo by Jasmina Tomic
Photo by Jasmina Tomic

What is Huion Note?

Released in 2022, Huion Note is a versatile smart notebook that enhances productivity. It redefines the capabilities of a new generation of notebooks, offering real-time handwriting synchronization to your phone, offline storage, document management, and PDF one-click sharing.


Moreover, it supports recording strokes when taking notes or drawing. This feature enable artists to recall the steps in creating an artwork or helps students remember the process of solving a mathematical problem.

Furthermore, it doubles as a pen tablet, enabling artists to capture every idea and draw on the go. As a result, we believe Huion Note represents a substantial and innovative tool for creatives that will resonate with the attendees.

Compared to traditional notebooks, Huion Note facilitates more scenarios, like brainstorming sessions, conferences, and teamwork, to give them huge convenience; it’s more like a catalyst for innovation.

Golden Pin Design Award Winner

In recognition of its innovative design and functionality, Huion Note was honored with the Golden Pin Design Award 2022. This honor further evidences the device’s ability to revolutionize the creative process.

Huion Note

A Shared Vision for Innovation

Our in-kind partnership with TED 2024 marks our support of original ideas and nurturing creativity in all its forms. As we move forward, Huion remains dedicated to developing innovative and user-friendly products that inspire individuals to showcase every idea and whim into reality.

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