IFF Promotes Three Women Perfumers to Vice-President Perfumers

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NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — IFF today announced the promotion of three perfumers to vice president perfumers: Patricia “Patty” Hidalgo, Joa Kim and Birgit Sijbrands.

Patricia “Patty” Hidalgo—a beacon of creativity and innovation in the fragrance industry with a storied career spanning three decades—began her journey at IFF by joining through the Fragrance Resources acquisition in 2017. A scholar in biology and chemistry, her technical skills propelled her from a laboratory technician to a towering strength in perfumery creation, where she has since been crafting authentic scents inspired by nature, cultures and wanderlust. Her creations have not only captivated the specialty and prestige markets but have also set new benchmarks for excellence in fragrance creation.

“Patty is the embodiment of relentless energy, boundless optimism, and a radiant spirit,” said Sabrya Meflah, president of IFF Fine Fragrance. “Her promotion to VP Perfumer is a testament to her artistic flair, her mentorship skills, and her leadership in steering her team toward success.”

Joa Kim’s promotion is a tribute to her more than two decades of dedication to perfumery at the IFF Singapore creative hub. A fine connoisseur of ingredients, creation and the complexity of perfumery delivery systems, Joa’s fervor for perfumery has birthed a plethora of iconic fragrances that have captivated consumers worldwide. Her portfolio spans an impressive array of categories, from fabric care to beauty and home essentials, catering to both global and regional audiences.

“Joa is the epitome of creative and technical acumen,” said David Ellison, president of IFF Consumer Fragrances. “Her artistry is matched only by her technical expertise and her exceptional sense of camaraderie and generosity. Joa’s artistic inspiration is deeply intertwined with her love for art and painting, leading to collaborations with the prestigious Van Gogh Museum and the fusion of scent with visual art at the 2022 IFF Singapore Innovation Centre’s inauguration.

Birgit Sijbrands’s career is decorated with a remarkable 28-year legacy of fragrance creation. Since her first days at IFF 17 years ago, Sijbrands has been the architect behind a multitude of successful fragrances, fostering robust partnerships with strategic customers across the globe. On par with her achievements, Birgit is admired for her contribution to the diverse expertise within IFF, and her role in mentoring and nurturing the next generation of talent.

“Birgit is the quintessence of dedication, humility and passion,” said Ellison. “Through her perfumery expertise, she has consistently demonstrated her unwavering commitment to crafting scents that truly awaken the extraordinary senses for a better world.”

“Attaining the vice-president perfumer rank at IFF is a feat reserved for those with a unique blend of talent, skill and knowledge, ranging from setting industry milestones to advancing our technological frontiers, mentoring the next generation of talent and aiding our Research and Development team in developing patented ingredients,” said Valery Claude, vice president, Innovation and Creation, Scent, IFF. “The elevation of these three distinguished women perfumers, who have devoted their lives to the artistry of fragrance, celebrates their extraordinary commitment to perfumery and their role in shaping the future of our craft.”

About the Perfumers

Patty Hidalgo—once destined for dentistry—found her true calling amidst the aromatic allure of Fragrance Resources in 1994. What began as a two-week internship blossomed into a 24-year odyssey. IFF’s acquisition of Fragrance Resources in 2017 unveiled a new world before Hidalgo – the fascinating realm of LMR Naturals and IFF molecules. A painter at heart, Hidalgo is captivated by landscapes and seashores; they are not just visual spectacles for her but olfactory tapestries waiting to be woven into scents.

“The world as it smells is not just perceived but deeply felt,” said Hidalgo. “I have the privilege to transport people – to that sun-kissed beach, that serene lake or those cherished memories tucked away in time – all through the evocative power of scent.”

Joa Kim—a fashion design scholar—was on the cusp of a promising career in the fashion industry when a chance encounter with perfumery altered her path and ignited a passion she never knew existed. In 1999, she joined IFF to launch its then-Singapore Creative Center. However, destiny had other plans when she was accepted into its internal perfumery school. Kim perceives perfumery as more than a profession; it is the pinnacle of human experience.

“The essence of my work is to infuse everyday household products, like liquid detergent, with emotion, transcending their functional purpose,” said Kim “When I craft a fragrance, I invite people to perceive the encapsulated message, to partake in the experience, and to connect with humanity – mine and others.”

Today, Joa pushes the boundaries of sensory perception even further. She paints with scents, fusing colors with fragrances and forms, offering a truly unique kinesthetic experience that transcends traditional sensory boundaries, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.

Birgit Sijbrands’s perfumery career was a calling from the start. Her childhood—spent by the Northern Sea—was a sensory journey marked by the aromatic symphony of nature: the seasonal shifts, the floral bloom and the ever-changing air. Driven by an insatiable thirst for science and discovery, she pursued chemistry, with a singular ambition – to join a fragrance company. In her quest to create scents, she seeks simplicity and the power to evoke joy, a pursuit for which she relentlessly strives.

“The genuine expression on people’s faces when they open their washing machine is unfeigned,” said Sijbrands. “Their smiles are a testament to my success. It’s indescribable to know that something I created brings joy to people, that I am a part of their lives.”

This relentless pursuit of creating meaningful scents is the essence of Sijbrands’s commitment to her craft. It’s not just about creating a scent; it’s about touching lives, one fragrance at a time.

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