Kamet Capital Redefines Wealth Management: Harmonising Western Strategies with Asian Sensibilities


SINGAPORE, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Kamet Capital (“Kamet”), a pioneer in developing the multi-single-family office model in Asia, is revolutionising the wealth management landscape by seamlessly integrating global best practices with a deep understanding of the region’s distinct economic landscape.

Kerry Goh, Founder, CEO and CIO, Kamet Capital
Kerry Goh, Founder, CEO and CIO, Kamet Capital

The Visionary at the Helm

Kamet Capital was founded by Kerry Goh, a seasoned investment management professional with over 27 years of experience across global financial capitals. Prior to establishing Kamet, Kerry honed his expertise at the renowned Rothschild family office, where he managed the investment portfolio of Lord Jacob Rothschild. This transformative experience and his deep knowledge of the family office industry’s evolution laid the foundation for Kamet Capital’s innovative approach.

“While Western Family Offices (FO) have a rich history and are well-established, the Asian FO landscape only started to take off when Kamet Capital was first founded. Kamet’s evolution was driven by the aspiration to create a cohesive and professional wealth management ecosystem that can address the complexities of managing intergenerational wealth in Asia,” said Kerry Goh, founder, CEO and CIO of Kamet Capital.

Redefining Business Models and Industry Standards

Kamet’s pioneering transition towards a professional Multi-Single-Family Office (MSFO) model in 2018 signifies a paradigm shift in wealth management. By evolving from a single-family office setup, Kamet has created an integrated platform that caters to an exclusive network of Asia’s preeminent entrepreneurs. This collaborative ecosystem fosters synergies and knowledge sharing among family offices. Kamet is dedicated to expanding its partnerships and actively nurturing collaboration among Single-Family Offices (SFOs) serving high-net-worth individuals in Singapore.

“We created a unique model by adapting the deep experience and endowment strategies of Western FOs to the Asian culture,” Kerry explained. “This disruption of age-old traditional family office management methods has resulted in our unique positioning and leadership in the Asian FO industry. We see ourselves not just as wealth managers but as stewards of our clients’ legacies.”

The MSFO model empowers Kamet to deliver comprehensive services through dedicated family teams while optimising operational efficiencies through shared resources. This unique structure ensures that each family’s interests are safeguarded with the utmost privacy and personalised attention while benefiting from collective expertise and economies of scale.

A Tailored and Differentiated Investment Philosophy

As Kamet Capital forges ahead, the firm has transcended conventional practices and harmoniously set new benchmarks in tailored wealth management for Asia’s elite. Kamet’s differentiated but holistic investment paradigm stems from the endowment plus investment approach in the West, adapted to Asia’s unique cultural and economic market dynamics. Focused on discretionary investing, Kamet derives long-term returns through dynamic asset allocation, including a significant allocation to long-term growth capital and private equity, as well as active risk management, providing for downside protection in portfolios and lower drawdowns during market stress.

This bespoke approach has led to the successful closure of Kamet’s Founders Fund I (Kamet’s first privates-only fund) in March 2024, amassing an impressive AUM of nearly USD 70 million despite challenging global market conditions and a difficult private equity fundraising environment for first-time funds.

Kamet has also unveiled its exclusive Founders Club, an elite circle where successful entrepreneurs converge. With a substantial investment team serving as astute gatekeepers, Kamet’s asset allocation strategy prioritises growth sectors like technology, healthcare, and consumer innovation. Additionally, the firm’s dedicated concierge team aids entrepreneurs in establishing their footprint in Singapore.

A Promise of Discretion and Trust

While the MSFO model optimises operational efficiencies through shared resources, discretion, privacy, and safeguarding confidentiality are sacrosanct principles governing every client relationship at the firm. “Our ultra-high-net-worth families entrust us with their legacies and financial matters. We are confident that their dedicated team upholds the highest service standards while maintaining confidentiality, privacy, and anonymity,” said Kerry.

About Kamet Capital

Kamet Capital is a leading wealth management firm headquartered in Singapore, pioneering the multi-single-family office model in Asia. Founded in 2017, Kamet Capital is dedicated to serving ultra-high-net-worth families and individuals with a comprehensive suite of services that include investment management, wealth planning, international mobility solutions, household management, administrative support, and philanthropy. Our innovative approach combines the personalised attention of a single-family office with the robust capabilities and efficiencies of a multi-family office to cater to the dynamic needs of affluent families and founders across Asia. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Kamet Capital continues to shape the future of the family office sector, providing unparalleled support and strategic solutions to ensure the prosperity and growth of our clients’ legacies.

For more information, visit https://kametcapital.com/.


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