KONKA Shines at 2024 Canton Fair with Cutting-Edge Home Appliances Products

GUANGZHOU, China, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — KONKA Group Co., Ltd. (“KONKA”; 000016.SZ), a leading technology company, has captivated both industry experts and consumers with its newest innovations in home appliances at the first phase of Canton Fair, held from April 15-19, 2024. The renowned brand introduced an array of innovative products, such as the compact 686 Series OLED TVs, the 100-inch MiniLED TV from the 809 Series, and the ultra-slim refrigerator boasting a 418-liter capacity. These introductions highlight KONKA’s dedication to pioneering innovation and its adeptness in catering to the varied needs of consumers worldwide.

KONKA at the 135th Canton Fair
KONKA at the 135th Canton Fair

During the fair, KONKA’s presentation was particularly notable for its emphasis on immersive entertainment experiences through its OLED TV range in both 42-inch and 48-inch models. These are designed to cater to the growing demand for immersive gaming televisions worldwide. Additionally, the unveiling of its MiniLED technology in a stunningly large format – a massive screen size of up to 100 inches – promises unparalleled picture quality. The integration of an AI-driven sound perception engine significantly enhances audio details, making the sound clearer and more captivating.

KONKA also turned heads with its ultra-thin refrigerator that boasts just a mere width of 700mm. This design not only enhances kitchen aesthetics but also frees up valuable cooking space, addressing common spatial challenges faced by modern households.

Moreover, KONKA introduced two new dishwasher models featuring large capacities suitable for various dish sizes along with more than eight intelligent washing programs tailored for different utensils’ cleaning needs. Their triple-layer basket system ensures thorough cleaning without any blind spots.

The Canton Fair provides an opportunity for KONKA to share its latest innovations, further contributing to its role in the global home appliance industry. In 2023, KONKA not only solidified its traditional customer base in the Middle East, Latin America, and Europe but also expanded into new markets, including Australia, Algeria, and Kazakhstan. This strategic move significantly enhanced its international presence and substantially increased its global revenue growth compared to previous years.

Moving forward, KONKA remains steadfast in its commitment to a strategic approach centered on branding, scale, differentiation, and localization. This strategy is designed to make cutting-edge products more accessible to consumers worldwide. With a forward-looking perspective, KONKA is poised to challenge the status quo and persist in providing outstanding products that not only meet but surpass consumer expectations globally.

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