LG CNS Reinforces the DX Alliance with U.S. Startups

  • Invite more than ten startups specializing in generative AI and enterprise software testing to explore potential collaboration with LG CNS at ‘Startup Day’

–  Generative AI: Startups focusing on GPU infrastructure, AI model training and inference optimization, etc.
–  Enterprise software testing: Startups from test result analysis, writing test cases, etc.

  • Delivering exceptional DX services to enterprise clients through potential partnerships with promising local startups

SEOUL, South Korea, April 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — LG CNS, a leading DX (Digital Transformation) company, hosted its own ‘Startup Day’ for startups in Silicon Valley, U.S., from April 10 to 11.

Several key figures from LG CNS were in attendance including Sunjung Kim, CTO of LG CNS, Min Bae, head of the Security & Solution Business division, and Eddie Jang, head of the Data Analytics & AI division. LG CNS engaged in various discussions regarding potential strategic collaborations and investment opportunities with the startups that attended the event.

LG CNS plans to offer differentiated DX services to enterprise clients through future collaborations with promising startups. As part of this commitment, LG CNS made an equity investment in the U.S. generative AI startup ‘Anthropic’ last year.

More than ten startups from two sectors, generative AI and enterprise software testing, attended ‘Startup Day.’ These companies, primarily based in Silicon Valley, are in early operational stages, having secured Series A or Series B funding. Renowned for their innovative technologies and solutions within their respective fields, these startups were invited by LG CNS, LG Technology Ventures, and local investment firms. They engaged in substantive discussions with LG CNS, exchanging insights on industry trends and their technological expertise.

In the generative AI sector, startups specializing in GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) infrastructure, AI model training and inference optimization, AI coding, and Future Contact Center (FCC) were invited. The GPU infrastructure service refers to a service that increases accessibility and availability of AI infrastructure. AI model training and inference optimization generally means to improve the performance of existing AI models by applying engineering technologies such as distributed training and computational optimization. LG CNS aims to enhance the capabilities of its ‘DAP GenAI platform1)‘ by integrating various AI expertise of startups, with the ultimate goal of offering even more distinctive generative AI services to its enterprise clients.

Several startups from the enterprise software testing solution sector were also invited. These companies specialize in verifying corporate systems and identifying errors before they are launched to the public. LG CNS boasts its own IT system pre-verification solution, PerfecTwin, which uses the actual transaction data from clients. In the future, LG CNS intends to expand its system verification portfolio and lineup through discussions with local startups.

Sunjung Kim, CTO of LG CNS, emphasized, “We will further expand the spectrum of DX technology in close collaboration with global tech startups, while providing unparalleled DX services in both generative AI and enterprise software testing sectors to our clients.”

1) DAP GenAI Platform: DAP, which stands for Data Analytics & AI Platform, is LG CNS’s IT solution brand for the AI/big data platform. DAP GenAI Platform provides a wide range of services, ranging from basic document summarization to advanced corporate tasks, which includes service recommendations and drafting reports using clients’ internal databases.

About LG CNS

LG CNS is a leading Korean digital transformation (DX) company that continues to pioneer various emerging technologies such as the cloud, generative AI, big data, smart factory, smart city, smart logistics and digital marketing. The company is also leading the market through innovative system integration (SI) and system management (SM) projects in finance, manufacturing, the public sector and various other industries. For more information, please visit www.lgcns.com.

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