Master Kong stands out at Chinese Brands Global Communication Capacity Conference

SHANGHAI, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — To mark the 8th China Brand Day, outstanding companies from all over the country gathered in Shanghai on May 9 to participate in the 2024 Chinese Brands Global Communication Capacity Conference.

Gao Zhongxiu, director of Master Kong's brand image project, delivered a presentation at the conference.
Gao Zhongxiu, director of Master Kong’s brand image project, delivered a presentation at the conference.

With the theme of “Brands Bring Better Future for the World”, the conference was jointly organized by the Brand Work Office of Xinhua News Agency, the News Information Center of Xinhua News Agency, and Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Branch.

Representatives from well-known domestic enterprises, government departments, and academic institutions gathered together to share the latest achievements in China’s brand building and explore the future path of international communication for Chinese brands.

During the conference, the Research Report on the Global Communication Capacity of Chinese Brands (2024) was released. The report was jointly compiled by the Brand Work Office of Xinhua News Agency and the News Information Center of Xinhua News Agency, with academic support from the Center for Communication and National Governance at Fudan University. This report provides references for high-quality global expansion of brands and tells the story of Chinese brands effectively.

The event also unveiled outstanding global communication brands in terms of comprehensive, sub-category and industrial performances. Among them, Master Kong won the honor of New Benchmarks in the Global Communication Power of Chinese Brands. During the conference, Master Kong’s boiled water product was also designated as the official drinking water.

Gao Zhongxiu, director of Master Kong’s brand image project, delivered a presentation at the conference, pointing out that in the new era of the Chinese nation’s rise and development, the company is undergoing a transformation from being a popular Chinese product to becoming a well-known Chinese brand.

The company aims to establish its brand as a symbol of joyous Chinese cuisine, and to make it a vibrant business card for promoting Chinese culinary culture worldwide. As a national brand, Master Kong is dedicated to promoting Chinese culinary culture as its historical mission. Seeking to promote joyous food and happy life, Master Kong strives to provide higher-quality food experiences and contribute to a more fulfilling life for 1.4 billion Chinese.

Chinese culinary history has unfolded alongside the development of Chinese civilization. In China, food is not just about nourishment, it can be a story and a culture in itself. Noodles and tea represent the essence of such culture. The rich history of noodles is deeply embedded in the cultural DNA of the Chinese nation, while the profound tea culture permeates almost every corner of China.

According to Master Kong, exploring the unique noodle stories and tea culture in China is an essential part of building brand value. From the instant noodles of braised artificial beef flavor to specialty noodles showcasing regional flavors, from filling the gap in the tea beverage market with the introduction of iced red tea to offering a variety of seasonal tea drinks, the company has always stayed true to its original intention in the process of product innovation. It is deeply rooted in Chinese culinary culture and continuously brings products with a distinctive “Chinese flavor” to Chinese and even global consumers.

Looking ahead, Master Kong will pay more attention to the inheritance and promotion of Chinese culture, bringing Chinese cuisine to various parts of the world and making the world fall in love with Chinese flavors, according to Gao.

At the same time, Master Kong will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities with a sense of mission as a national brand by adhering to the sustainable and long-term development. It will continuously improve the fully traceable food safety management system from the fields to the dining table. The company aims to create a digitized, intelligent, and low-carbon industrial chain, driving sustainable development throughout the upstream and downstream sectors. In such ways, the company will contribute Chinese experiences to global sustainable development.

As more and more Chinese brands actively expand overseas and strive to build globally recognized Chinese brands, global communication has become the top priority for these brands, according to experts. The new era has brought new requirements, opportunities, and momentum for the development of Chinese brands. Chinese companies, represented by Master Kong, are actively cultivating new productive forces and exploring new paths to tell the story of Chinese brands and better go global.

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