“Momcozy Village” Campaign Elevates Support for Mothers with Upcoming Events and Initiatives

NEW YORK, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As we approach Mother’s Day, Momcozy, a leader in maternal and infant care, is excited to share more details about its “Momcozy Village” campaign. This initiative focuses on strengthening societal support networks for mothers, resonating with the ethos that “it takes a village to raise a mother.” Through various platforms, moms can connect and uplift each other, fostering a community of encouragement and companionship.

2024 State of Maternal Support Report presented by Momcozy and PSI
2024 State of Maternal Support Report presented by Momcozy and PSI

One of the first events will take place at Babylist Beverly Hills on May 9th. It will gather key opinion leaders, Momcozy users, journalists, and an expert in maternal mental health to discuss the significance in enhancing support networks for mothers.

On May 14th, Momcozy and Postpartum Support International will host a webinar titled “Finding Your Village in Motherhood.” This session will present vital findings from the “State of Maternal Support,” a white paper that encapsulates the voices and experiences of over 1,000 mothers. This event aims to share personal stories, offer valuable tools and resources, and open the floor for a Q&A session.

If you’re interested in reading the “State of Maternal Support” prior to May 14th, it is now available on momcozy.com. Created in collaboration with Postpartum Support International, this document aims to amplify the collective voice of mothers by focusing on the challenges and successes they encounter in finding support.

Another key event is “Find Your Village – A Mother’s Day Celebration,” scheduled for May 7th in La Jolla and May 10th in Culver City, Los Angeles. These free sessions will include light refreshments, giveaways, and a Momcozy product showcase. Attendees will engage in panel discussions with local maternal support leaders and share strategies for building supportive community networks in motherhood.

Everyone interested is encouraged to visit the landing page for more details and join these events. Stay tuned for updates and be part of a movement that supports every mother’s journey.

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