Monport’s Desktop Laser Showdown: Monport new ONYX 50w vs Monport 40w Desktop Laser

NEW YORK, May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Monport, a leading innovator in laser engraving technology, announces the upcoming release of the Monport Onyx 50w, a powerful and versatile desktop CO2 laser engraver designed to elevate user experience. This press release will examine the key differences between the new Monport Onyx 50w and the established Monport 40w desktop laser engraver, empowering creators to make informed choices.

Unleashing Engraving Power: Monport Onyx 50w vs. Monport 40w Desktop Laser Engraver

The primary distinction between the Monport Onyx 50w and the Monport 40w desktop laser model lies in their laser power. The Monport Onyx 50w boasts a robust 50-watt laser source, delivering superior engraving efficiency compared to the 40w’s capabilities. This translates to faster project completion times and the ability to tackle thicker materials for the Monport Onyx 50w. For instance, the Monport Onyx 50w machine can flawlessly cut 8mm acrylic at Speed 5 and Power 100, whereas the Monport 40w desktop laser model is limited to 6mm acrylic at the same settings.

Enhanced Features for Flawless Results

Both desktop laser engraver machines offer exceptional engraving precision; however, the Monport Onyx 50w incorporates additional features that refine the user experience. Here’s a closer look:

  • AutoPassthrough Technology: The Monport Onyx 50w allows for the engraving of extra-long materials, expanding creative possibilities for users compared to the standard bed size of the Monport 40w desktop laser model.
  • One-Touch Auto Focus: The Monport Onyx 50w features high-precision autofocus through physical contact, ensuring optimal engraving distance for consistent results. Lightburn software compatibility simplifies the process further.

Advanced Functionality for Seamless Workflow

Both the Monport Onyx 50w and the Monport 40w desktop laser models are compatible with Lightburn software, offering users flexibility in design and operation. However, the Monport Onyx 50w takes it a step further:

  • Panoramic Camera: A built-in panoramic camera in the Monport Onyx 50w provides real-time visualization of the engraving pattern on the material. Users can easily adjust the size and position of the design through drag-and-drop functionality for accurate positioning, exceeding the basic red dot guidance offered by the Monport 40w desktop laser model.

Safety and User Convenience

Both the Monport Onyx 50w and the Monport 40w desktop laser models prioritize user safety with features like cover opening protection, laser key, emergency stop button, and water protection. Additionally, the Monport Onyx 50w comes equipped with a built-in chiller and fans, eliminating the need for additional purchases and simplifying setup compared to the Monport 40w desktop laser model.

Choosing the Right Machine

The Monport 40w desktop laser engraver is an excellent choice for users seeking a powerful and precise engraving solution at a competitive price point. It offers impressive engraving speeds, Lightburn compatibility, and a user-friendly interface.

The all-new Monport Onyx 50w desktop co2 laser, however, caters to users who demand the ultimate in power, speed, and functionality. Its 50-watt laser source tackles thicker materials and delivers faster engraving times. Innovative features like AutoPassthrough Technology, One-Touch Auto Focus, and a Panoramic Camera further elevate the user experience.

About Monport

As a leader in laser engraving technology, Monport is committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you’re a hobbyist, small business owner, or industrial professional, Monport has the perfect laser engraving machine for you.

To explore Monport full range of products and learn more about how Monport can elevate your projects, visit Monport official website.


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