NTUB: Pioneering AI and Management Education in Taiwan’s Oldest Business School

TAIPEI, May 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Amidst Taiwan’s rapid advancement in the AI sector, driven by its robust semiconductor industry, National Taipei University of Business (NTUB), the region’s oldest business institution, is embracing the burgeoning era of intelligence. The university has updated its curriculum and boosted its research capabilities by introducing a range of AI-focused courses. The courses are designed to equip students with cutting-edge international management and leadership skills that closely reflect the latest industry trends.

NTUB's Taipei Campus
NTUB’s Taipei Campus

In recent years, NTUB has aligned its recruitment efforts with the local New Southward Policy, enhancing educational cooperation and fostering exchange programs with institutions in Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. The strategy also facilitates collaboration among domestic and international academic entities, businesses, and organizations within the ASEAN community.

NTUB is expanding its ASEAN-focused academic initiatives, offering cross-disciplinary teaching and research projects both domestically and internationally. The university is actively recruiting international students and establishing specialized classes for them. The approach aims to broaden the academic options available to overseas students, particularly those from Southeast Asia, with the goal of developing them into high-level management professionals with global expertise. In March, NTUB showcased its International Business Talent Programme at the Education Expo in Indonesia, successfully engaging with over 47 Indonesian science and technology universities to attract students to Taiwan. Additionally, the university has launched the New Southbound Talent Development Centre on the Taipei campus to offer customized talent training solutions for Taiwanese businesses, addressing local talent needs. 

Over the years, NTUB, Taiwan’s first business school (established in 1917), has evolved in step with the island’s economic expansion, workforce needs, industrial transformation, and technological advancements. The institution has developed a comprehensive academic system that ranges from five-year specialized education to doctoral programs, solidifying its reputation as one of Taiwan’s premier business schools and a leader in technical and vocational business education. With nearly 150,000 distinguished alumni, NTUB have made significant contributions worldwide. They occupy influential positions in finance, business, culture, society, and politics, playing crucial roles in economic development and fostering social prosperity. These alumni exemplify the university’s impact in providing skilled human resources essential for Taiwan’s continued economic growth.

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