Oneisall Showcases Flagship Product Cozy C1 Grooming Vacuum Kit at the 66th Grammy Awards Gift Lounge

Oneisall, a global leader in pet smart supplies, proudly announces its flagship product, the Cozy C1 Grooming Vacuum Kit, as the exclusive pet gift at the 66th Grammy Awards Gift Lounge. As the only pet brand selected, Oneisall will bring joy to pet lives through its innovative products.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Selected for the 66th Grammy Awards Gift Lounge, Oneisall presents its star product, the Cozy C1 Grooming Vacuum Kit. This innovative product combines pet grooming, fur cleaning, and hot air drying functions, allowing you to effortlessly maintain your pet’s appearance and health in the comfort of your home, providing a comfortable and stress-free grooming experience for your pets.

Oneisall at the 66th GRAMMY Gift Lounge
Oneisall at the 66th GRAMMY Gift Lounge

Oneisall Cozy C1 Grooming Vacuum Kit: Shaping the Future of Pet Grooming – An All-in-One Solution for Home Pet Care

As a frontrunner in the international field of pet smart supplies, Oneisall is synonymous with innovation and excellence, dedicated to providing innovative, thoughtful products for a better life for pets and their owners. We lead in pet grooming technology, aiming to create a comfortable and enjoyable grooming experience for pets.

Oneisall’s Vision: Strengthening the Bond Between Pets and Humans

Our brand philosophy revolves around the belief that pets are cherished family members deserving the highest quality care. Cozy C1 and other Oneisall products are designed to enrich the lives of pets and strengthen their connection with human companions. Through our presence at the 66th Grammy Awards Gift Lounge, Oneisall shares this vision with a global audience, showcasing the unique charm of a brand committed to pet well-being.

Global Exclusive: Oneisall Leading the Trend in Pet Brands

As the only pet brand selected for the 66th Grammy Awards, Oneisall demonstrates its leadership in the pet grooming industry. We will continue to lead the new trend in pet brands, bringing more surprises to pet enthusiasts worldwide through innovation and care.

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About Oneisall

Founded in 2015, ONEISALL INC. is a global leader in pet smart supplies, dedicated to providing a more relaxed and enjoyable pet life experience through innovative design and intelligent technology. Our mission is to establish and strengthen the deep bond between pets and humans.

After a thorough understanding of the issues with traditional pet smart supplies, ONEISALL embarked on the path of combining technology with innovation, aiming to create the world’s most convenient and intelligent pet products. Different from other products on the market, each ONEISALL pet smart supply is designed to minimize the time and energy costs for pet owners in pet grooming and care, allowing them to enjoy more beautiful moments with their pets.

Through continuous innovation and quality assurance, ONEISALL has become one of the preferred brands for pet owners worldwide. Our products have received widespread acclaim from customers, serving approximately 10 million customers in 50 countries and earning trust within the industry. We will continue our efforts to provide global pet owners with more innovative and high-quality pet smart supplies, making pet life healthier and more enjoyable.

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