Optimizing Group Resources: AcBel, Kinpo, and ChargePoint Jointly Target the Charging Station Market

TAIPEI, Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AcBel Polytech Inc. (“AcBel”) (TWSE: 6282), a leading power supply manufacturer under Kinpo Group, announced today (20) a significant collaboration with ChargePoint (NYSE: CHPT), a leading provider of networked charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), to develop EV charging solutions. This collaboration will leverage the resources of Kinpo Group and ChargePoint’s portfolio of EV charging solutions to expand AcBel’s presence in the electric mobility market. It marks the first time AcBel has integrated resources from Kinpo Group to optimize corporate interests.

AcBel announced a significant collaboration with ChargePoint to develop EV charging solutions.
AcBel announced a significant collaboration with ChargePoint to develop EV charging solutions.

The key to this collaboration lies in combining ChargePoint’s leading position in the charging station market, AcBel’s expertise in power design and Kinpo’s electronic manufacturing capabilities to develop more advanced, reliable charging services.

With over 40 years of experience in power design, AcBel is committed to providing efficient and reliable power solutions. Collaboration with ChargePoint will enable AcBel to combine its expertise with charging technology to design and develop ChargePoint’s portfolio of EV charging solutions to meet the growing demands of the EV market. Kinpo Group, with its rich expertise and production capacity, will provide greater flexibility and creativity in design and manufacturing through this collaboration, further enhancing AcBel’s position in the charging equipment market and accelerating Kinpo Group’s development in the EV charging field.

ChargePoint, a leading supplier of networked EV charging solutions in North America and Europe, has a vast network of charging infrastructure with more than 274,000 active ports under management across two continents. Through collaboration with AcBel and Kinpo Group, ChargePoint will gain access to additional engineering, design, and production resources that will bring its product portfolio to market faster and at lower cost.

Jerry Hsu, Chairman of AcBel, stated, “This year marks a year of transformation for AcBel, and this collaboration not only expands AcBel’s EV business territory but also creates successful cases of optimizing corporate interests. However, this is just the beginning, and there will be more projects and cooperation with the group to create win-win situations in the future.”

Andrew Chen, CEO and General Manager of Kinpo Group, commented, “Combining Kinpo’s communication and automation production technology with AcBel’s power design capabilities and ChargePoint’s market-leading position, we believe this strong alliance will not only strengthen Kinpo Group’s competitive position in the EV charging market but also inject new momentum into the global EV market.”

Rick Wilmer, CEO of ChargePoint, also expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “This collaboration with AcBel represents a significant milestone in the evolution of our product development strategy, and is a key component of our focus on execution and operational excellence. With Kinpo Group, we have had a trusted manufacturing partner, and now with this expanded partnership we have a co-development partner who will enable us to bring our portfolio of world-class EV charging solutions to market faster while driving significant product cost and operating expense savings – all with no compromises to our leading quality, reliability, and durability standards.”  

About AcBel 

AcBel is a leading provider of switching power supply solutions for a wide range of applications including PCs, smart home appliances, smartphones, servers, and networking equipment. In recent years, AcBel also accelerated its investment in clean and efficient energy solutions for electric vehicles and solar farms, which has enabled AcBel to become a comprehensive power technology expert from power generation and energy storage to high-efficiency power supplies. The companys mission is to support customers by delivering a competitive edge and revealing new opportunities in todays smart, always power-available, and data-intensive world while promoting sustainable collaboration with the supply chain, strategic partners, and customers.

About Kinpo

Kinpo Electronics was founded in 1973, through nearly 50 years of development, the KINPO GROUP currently owns 4 companies, 24 production bases, and more than 50,000 employees worldwide. The group’s businesses range from semiconductors, consumer electronics, smart home appliances, network communications, smart retail, wearable devices, and digital platforms to industrial Internet of Things. With accumulated 50 years of lean supply chain and automated production technology, we can produce the highest quality products at the lowest costs. The group’s excellent management experience of the Thai production base, through remote situation rooms plus real-time monitoring systems, Kinpo’s sales, business, R&D, and manufacturing units can cross the boundary of time and space, giving the team full strength to tackle early risk warnings and effectively control production and shipping processes. Combining the vertical integration advantages of the factories in our group, Kinpo provides customers with the most complete manufacturing solutions. The group pays detailed attention to initial R&D, design, prototyping, new product introduction, manufacturing, after-sales services, and on-time delivery. Through the overall supply chain and the manufacturing system composed of internal suppliers, Kinpo holds the mission to help customers reduce production costs and bring products to the market as early as possible.

About ChargePoint Holdings, Inc.

ChargePoint is creating a new fueling network to move people and goods on electricity. Since 2007, ChargePoint has been committed to making it easy for businesses and drivers to go electric with one of the largest EV charging networks and a comprehensive portfolio of charging solutions. The ChargePoint cloud subscription platform and software-defined charging hardware are designed to include options for every charging scenario from home and multifamily to workplace, parking, hospitality, retail and transport fleets of all types. Today, one ChargePoint account provides access to hundreds-of-thousands of places to charge in North America and Europe. For more information, visit the ChargePoint pressroom, the ChargePoint Investor Relations site, or contact the ChargePoint North American or European press offices or Investor Relations.

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