Polyhedra Network Scales ZK Proofs with Proof Cloud Enabled by Google Cloud

SINGAPORE, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Polyhedra Network (“Polyhedra”), the team pioneering the next generation of secure and scalable zero-knowledge (ZK) proof infrastructure, has joined forces with Google Cloud to address the surging demand for ZK technologies in both the Web3 and Web2 environments. This collaboration leverages Polyhedra’s cutting-edge research and proprietary algorithms, which are now accessible to developers worldwide through ZK-as-a-service, enabled by Google Cloud. Polyhedra’s customized algorithm, meticulously optimized to efficiently execute specific proofs at scale, seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud’s highly optimized infrastructure, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability for developers utilizing ZK proofs.

The Proof Cloud is a cloud-based service that streamlines the process of generating zero-knowledge proofs and allows developers to utilize Polyhedra’s innovative zero-knowledge proofs and execute code directly on Google Cloud infrastructure. To date, Polyhedra Network’s Proof Cloud has already served more than 40 million ZK proof generation tasks, and supports a wide range of ZK infrastructure applications such as zkBridge and ZK Oracles. The partnership is the latest initiative undertaken by Polyhedra Network to expand its zero-knowledge product offering beyond interoperability into more generalized applications that benefit from zero-knowledge technology.

“Integrating with Google Cloud is the first step towards making zero-knowledge proof services accessible to all. Zero-knowledge proofs offer an innovative solution to the issues of data validity and scalable computation present in modern-day computing processes. Proof Cloud enables significant speed and cost improvements compared to existing benchmarks, and now with Google Cloud, this capability will be available to a wider audience,” said Eric Vreeland, Chief Strategy Officer of Polyhedra Network.

Polyhedra Network’s zero-knowledge proof generation services have shown continuous growth since its launch, with proof generation growing 100x over the past year. This partnership also follows closely on the heels of Polyhedra’s recent $20M funding round that elevated the company to Unicorn status. Expanding on this agreement, the two companies are set to collaborate to develop zero-knowledge machine-learning capabilities that leverage Polyhedra to provide a means for AI quality control as  AI consumption continues to set new records every day.

“We are committed to helping the Web3 ecosystem grow by providing developers with secure and scalable technology to build new and innovative applications,” said Rishi Ramchandani, Head of APAC Web3 at Google. “Our collaboration with Polyhedra Network will help advance zero-knowledge solutions and make zero-knowledge accessible to more  developers.”


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