Pretty Beauty and 10THERA: Crafting Perfect Professional Transformations Innovative 10THERA Technology

HONG KONG, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pretty Beauty recently introduced the 10THERA beauty device, launching a brand new beauty service.

The 10THERA beauty device by South Korea’s TENTECH marks a new milestone in High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology. Its unique dual-track and dual-line simultaneous output and radiation capabilities not only enhance the efficiency of treatments but also increase the precision of the therapy. Unlike traditional HIFU devices that use a single energy pathway for skin layer treatment, the dual-track system of 10THERA operates at various depths simultaneously. This means it distributes energy more evenly, reducing treatment time and minimising discomfort for clients. Another major advantage of this technology is its ability to more accurately target and improve skin issues, providing a more personalised and significantly effective aesthetic experience.

Safety and Efficacy Guaranteed

Safety is a primary consideration when selecting aesthetic equipment. 10THERA, with its automatic stop system that shuts down when the probe temperature gets too high, effectively prevents potential skin damage from overheating, ensuring the safety of the treatment. In terms of effectiveness, 10THERA immediately improves skin tightness and contours, with optimal results appearing within 2-3 weeks. Over the long term, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastic fibers, thereby improving skin texture and elasticity, and maintaining a youthful appearance enduringly.

Client Experience and Application

In the treatment process with 10THERA, client comfort and the quality of experience are prioritised. The device uses dual probes of 4.5mm and 3.0mm to treat different skin depths, enhancing treatment effectiveness while minimising discomfort. The application of dual-track, dual-line technology ensures a more uniform distribution of energy, significantly reducing pain and allowing clients to enjoy a pain-free experience of tightening and lifting effects. Additionally, the high efficiency of 10THERA significantly shortens treatment times, enabling clients to easily fit beauty sessions into their busy lives.

Professional Services at Pretty Beauty

Pretty Beauty, with 39 years of professional experience, has established an outstanding reputation in the beauty industry. The introduction of 10THERA technology reflects Pretty Beauty’s commitment to innovation and high-quality customer service. Our professional team deeply understands the unique needs of each client, offering tailored beauty plans. Pretty Beauty focuses on building long-term trust with clients, ensuring satisfaction with every treatment. Choosing Pretty Beauty’s 10THERA treatments means opting for a professional, responsible, and trustworthy beauty partner.

About Pretty Beauty Group

Founded in 1985, Pretty Beauty Group has 39 years of extensive experience in the beauty industry. With 16 branches across Kowloon, Hong Kong, and New Territories, clients can easily access our services. Continually updating technologies and enhancing treatment quality, Pretty Beauty trains professional and skilled beauticians to ensure clients experience world-class beauty treatments. For more information on treatments, visit the official website:

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