Retro Stage Gears Up for Summer with New Vintage Clothing Collection

MONTEREY, Calif., April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Vintage-inspired fashion brand Retro Stage has announced the release of their newest collection, which takes inspiration from the carefree warmth of summertime. Lovers of retro and nostalgic styles will be able to relax in style and channel their adoration for retro fashion all throughout the season.

Retro Stage Gears Up for Summer with New Vintage Clothing Collection
Retro Stage Gears Up for Summer with New Vintage Clothing Collection

Since its inception, Retro Stage has focused on exploring the beauty of historical styles. The brand aims to combine timeless vintage motifs and designs with modern elements to create a unique blend of classic and contemporary that appeals to all 20th-century fashion enthusiasts. This latest series focuses on incorporating seasonal elements so customers can feel the sunshine and get into the summer spirit to start their vacation off right.

“We’re all very excited to share our hot new summer collection with our customers,” said the Retro Stage team. “Our goal is to provide vintage fashion lovers with a wide variety of trendy clothing. The smiling faces of our customers are what keep us going, so we hope to keep bringing that joy to our customers for years to come.”

When conceptualizing the new summer series, Retro Stage designers took into account the sense of vitality and passion that the season represents for many people. With this in mind, the team endeavored to put a feeling of freedom into every stitch, taking classic vintage patterns in summery color palettes and assembling an incredible collection of swimsuits, dresses, and more. Overall, the 2024 summer series brings the soul of the season to the forefront and presents it through a gorgeous vintage lens that retro fashion lovers will love.

One important element of summer wardrobe is swimsuits. The Pink 1940s Halter Polka Dots Bow One-Piece Swimsuit takes inspiration from old maillot-style bathing suits with its built-in ruffled skirt and modest design. Its adorable pink fabric with black polka dots is accented at the chest with a black bow, and the halter design tastefully showcases the shoulders and upper back. The 1950s Halter Contrast Polka Dots Swimsuit features a similar black-and-white polka dot fabric but differs in its daring two-piece structure, consisting of a dotted top and solid black bottoms with a polka dot sash tied in a bow.

Other swimsuits from this collection have a similar youthful air and explore the interplay of patterns and solids. One example is the Red 1940s Halter Patchwork One-Piece Swimsuit, a bright red suit trimmed with polka-dotted fabric at the waist, neckline, and hem, and another is the Green 1940s Striped Halter Swimsuit Set, which is made up of a white halter top with green pinstripes as well as dark green bottoms with floral button accents. Both of these pieces would be gorgeous additions to any pool party!

Summertime isn’t just about swimming and suntanning, but it’s still important to stay cool when the sun is beating down. The Red 1950s Cherry V-Neck Halter Lace-Up Romper is a great choice for hot days with its short hemline and lively cherry pattern. Its halter neckline also ties in a bow at the back of the neck for some additional feminine flair. The 1950s Floral Halter Lace-Up Vintage Romper is equally as vibrant thanks to its soft white daisy print bodice, which contrasts beautifully with the rich green that makes up the shorts. Both of these rompers have two sets of three white buttons which emphasize the curve of the waist and add that little something extra that Retro Stage strives for.

For those who prefer skirts to pants, there’s no shortage of options at Retro Stage. The Light Blue 1940s Floral Shirt Neck Belt Dress is a stunning garment that has its place in any vintage fashion lover’s collection, featuring a vivid garden scene on the skirt that trails upward to a crisp button-down bodice adorned with butterflies of all colors. The finishing touch? A ribbon belt tied into a bow at the front that seems to melt into the sea of florals below. At the other end of the spectrum, the Beige 1960s Polka Dot Square Neck Puff Dress embodies classic vintage elegance, made of an understated cream-colored fabric with deep black polka dots. This piece’s short puff sleeves, lightly tailored bust, and surprise skirt ruffles all come together to embody mature, sophisticated womanhood at its absolute finest.

All those interested in getting their hands on the latest and greatest vintage fashions are invited to browse the Retro Stage website for their favorite summer pieces. The Retro Stage team would like to wish each and every one of their customers a happy summer and hopes that their newest designs will help fashionistas look and feel their best heading into the season.

About Retro Stage
Retro Stage is a popular vintage fashion brand featuring classic clothing and accessories inspired by 20th-century aesthetics. As a vintage style pioneer, Retro Stage is more than a brand; it’s a way of life, helping every customer explore the history of fashion through chic and glamorous retro style. “Beauty never fades,” said the Retro Stage team. “All we want to do is encourage women to build a better life for themselves and confidently embrace their natural allure.”

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