Rokid AR Lite: The first AR glasses powered by Snapdragon® 6 Gen 1 mobile platform

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Rokid has announced the launch of its new AR device, the Rokid AR Lite, on Kickstarter, marking the first AR glasses powered by the Snapdragon® 6 Gen 1 Mobile Platform. This integration brings the power and versatility of a mid-range smartphone into an AR device, opening up a new chapter in the industry.

Priced at USD $749, with early backers able to purchase it for USD $499, the Rokid AR Lite offers an accessible entry point into advanced AR technology. The versatility of Rokid AR Lite makes it suitable for various activities, including entertainment, work, and productivity tasks. It supports video conferencing, document editing, navigation, and photo-taking, enhancing user experiences across different scenarios.

The Rokid Max 2 glasses, weighing just 75g, deliver an immersive experience with a 50-degree field of view (FOV), 1080p-1200p resolution, and up to 600 nits brightness. The Rokid Station 2, which pairs with the glasses, integrates sensing, computing, and battery modules, powered by the Snapdragon® 6 Gen 1 Platform optimized for graphics rendering and AI computing on its YodaOS-Master operating system, ensuring peak performance for entertainment consumption. Users can also enjoy high frame rates of 120Hz or 90Hz, enhancing the fluidity of motion and interaction.

Rokid has invested significant resources in developing YodaOS-Master. Building on its previous generation Rokid AR Joy, which created a portable entertainment platform with YodaOS-C, Rokid AR Lite introduces a spatial computing platform powered by YodaOS-Master that supports 3DoF and multi-application functionality across multiple screens — marking the first time in the AR industry that this has been achieved at the system level. Rokid AR Lite also features a multi-app mode, allowing users to run several applications simultaneously on separate floating screens. Meanwhile, the Giant-Screen Mode can enlarge a single app up to 300 inches, providing a customizable and immersive experience.

Rokid AR Lite is now available on Kickstarter, offering early adopters a chance to experience the first AR glasses powered by the Snapdragon® 6 Gen 1 Platform at a special price. Customers who visit Rokid’s official website before May 27th will gain access to exclusive Pioneer Benefits, including priority shipping, customized T-shirts, unique badges, and VIP group services, all for just USD $9.90.


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