Seventh Annual Chinese Costume Festival Merges Hanfu Tradition with Contemporary Fashion

HANGZHOU, China, April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — From April 20 to 21, 2024, China National Silk Museum hosted the seventh annual Chinese Costume Festival, under the theme “Ancient Charm, Modern Style.” This event aimed to rejuvenate traditional cultural practices and artifacts, making them resonate with contemporary audiences and ensuring their relevance in today’s society.

Since its inception in 2018, the festival has become a highlight for cultural enthusiasts, blending historical depth with modern flair over its two-day duration. This year’s event was structured around two main segments: “Ancient Charm” and “Modern Style.” Attendees could participate in exhibition hall tours, thematic lectures, and artifact appreciation sessions focused on two pivotal exhibitions: the “Costume of Fengxian Officials Textiles Found in Ming Dynasty Tombs” and the “Ritual Utensils: Musical Instruments and Costumes of the Kong (Confucius) Family Mansion,” both spotlighting traditional etiquette and artifact research. Scholars from China and abroad were also invited to discuss the latest research findings in their fields.

The festival scene was vibrant with attendees dressed in exquisite Hanfu, the traditional Chinese attire, showcasing its timeless elegance and grace. This year introduced several new activities, including an immersive “Silk Road Adventure” game, where participants embarked on a fantastical journey alongside NPCs. Additionally, a “Fashion Red Carpet” allowed attendees to strut in stylish Hanfu, sharing its beauty with like-minded enthusiasts.

Seventh Annual Chinese Costume Festival Merges Hanfu Tradition with Contemporary Fashion
Seventh Annual Chinese Costume Festival Merges Hanfu Tradition with Contemporary Fashion

The event also featured the Hanfu Night and the Yinhan Forum, which focused on modernizing Hanfu attire. Renowned Hanfu performance teams presented fashion shows under the theme “Ancient Charm, Modern Style,” merging traditional designs with contemporary fashion to explore the limitless potential of Hanfu culture. The festival also included a handicraft market, a flash dance titled “Ascending the Spring Peak,” book launches, and many other complementary activities.

This year, the Chinese Costume Festival collaborated with Marburg and Düsseldorf in Germany for a multi-city initiative. From April 13 to 14 and April 20 to 21, Hanfu enthusiasts from various regions of Germany engaged in a multifaceted exposition of Chinese traditional culture through seminars, exhibitions, tea ceremonies, and Guqin exchange meetings.

At the Hanfu Night, Ji Xiaofen, the director of the China National Silk Museum, advocated for a blend of tradition and modern elegance in Hanfu wear. She highlighted that Hanfu not only captures the artistic essence of China’s outstanding traditional culture but also reflects the unique aesthetic sensibilities and national character of the Chinese people. In a world of evolving lifestyles, she sees a new “Fashion Revolution” offering extensive opportunities for how Hanfu can be worn, styled, and expressed.

The Chinese Costume Festival was live-streamed on major domestic platforms, attracting over 3.3 million viewers by the close of the event on April 21.

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