SmartX Recommended in 2024 Gartner’s Market Guide for Full-Stack HCI Software

This is the second year that SmartX is included in the report.

SEOUL, South Korea, April 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Gartner has released the 2024 “Market Guide for Full-Stack Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software”. SmartX is recommended in the report for the second consecutive year, among other 7 vendors including Nutanix, Broadcom (VMware), and Microsoft.

Notably, the report mentions that hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) vendors are expanding to the cloud and toward the edge, emerging as prominent players in the distributed hybrid infrastructure landscape. It recommends that users should implement full-stack HCI as a revirtualization path. Additionally, due to the Broadcom acquisition of VMware, the report predicts that the 30% of the non-VMware full-stack HCI installed base that exists in 2024 will increase to 60% by 2029.

The full-stack HCI portfolio of SmartX is built for both virtualized and containerized applications in production. It allows customers to replace legacy virtualization and embrace HCI while saving up to 50% on costs. Moreover, SmartX provides customers with freedom of choice of hypervisors, chips and servers, ultra ease of deployment, and unrivaled cost-performance. These advantages also make it a third-time winner of Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice in APAC for HCI Software.

SmartX HCI is targeted as a means to optimize virtualization, disaster recovery, remote-office, branch-office, edge and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) implementations, as well as cloud-native and AI infrastructure (various Nvidia GPU support). It can provide unified management, network and storage for both virtualized and containerized workloads. Customers can easily build a modernized IT infrastructure with two primary products of SmartX HCI:

  • Core software SMTX OS, with built-in distributed storage and native hypervisor, also supports VMware or Citrix hypervisor.
  • Management platform CloudTower, with interface managing 100+ clusters across multiple data centers or locations.

To achieve complete capabilities, customers can also choose additional products of SmartX HCI:

  • Data protection and disaster recovery software SMTX Backup & DR, suitable for use cases including enterprise-grade data protection, data reuse, and ransomware defense.
  • Software-defined network and security product Everoute, offering distributed firewall, load balancer, and container network for both virtualized and containerized apps.
  • Container management and service SMTX Kubernetes Service, helping customers easily create and manage Kubernetes clusters based on VM, support virtualized and containerized apps (including AI applications) with limited resources, and provide Kubernetes clusters for multi-tenants.

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