State Grid Zhenjiang Power Supply Company Enhances Flood Prevention Capabilities of Low-Lying Substations

ZHENJIANG, China, May 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On May 23, State Grid Zhenjiang Power Supply Company installed a total of 10 infrared probes at the entrances and exits of the cable layer as well as the water pump control system in the 220 kV Guantang Substation. As a result, all 21 low-lying 220 kV and below substations in the Zhenjiang area have been fully enhanced in terms of flood prevention capabilities.

In recent years, Jiangsu has experienced frequent rainfall during the flood season. Under the jurisdiction of State Grid Zhenjiang Power Supply Company, there are 79 220 kV and below substations, 21 of which are located in low-lying areas. In the event of heavy rainfall, water accumulation can easily backflow into the cable layer, causing flooding in the cable layer and substation.

To completely eliminate potential safety hazards, State Grid Zhenjiang Power Supply Company conducted flood prevention facility improvements at 21 substations, including the 220 kV Guantang and Puqing Substations. The company inspected the substation buildings for leaks, traced the drainage routes, cleaned the drainage inspection chambers within the stations, and collaborated with the Water Supply and Drainage Management Office of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau to clear debris from the flood control ditches and drainage outlets outside the stations, ensuring unobstructed drainage channels. Additionally, the company implemented flood prevention materials within the stations, conducted water pump tests, checked the positioning of water pumps, counted missing or damaged materials, and promptly replenished any shortages. Furthermore, it revised and formulated flood prevention plans for key substations, verified and posted flood prevention measures, blocked off easily flooded cable trenches, repaired the cable layer walls, and enhanced the flood prevention and disaster resistance capabilities of the equipment. Targeted flood prevention drills were also conducted, simulating flooding due to heavy rainfall in key substations. The operation and maintenance personnel promptly initiated emergency responses, blocked off the substation entrances, and set up emergency drainage pumps to eliminate water accumulation in the cable trenches and outdoor areas.

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