Tianli Education: Leading China’s Educational Innovation with AI

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HONG KONG, Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In the wave of innovation sweeping through China’s educational sector, Tianli Education, a brand of Tianli International Holdings Limited, is at the forefront, revolutionizing traditional education paradigms with its significant advancements in AI and smart education. This transformation transcends mere technological breakthroughs, profoundly reforming educational philosophies and methodologies. Tianli Education’s deep integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies with pedagogical practices has not only markedly enhanced teaching efficiency and quality but also injected vigorous momentum into the path toward educational modernization.

The TLI technology curriculum series, a cornerstone of this innovative endeavor, is not a mere application of technology but a manifestation of a deep understanding of the current educational ecosystem and future trends. Employing the latest advancements such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, the TLI curriculum tightly integrates with classroom teaching. Its aim is to empower education through technology, enrich educational content, and refine teaching methodologies, thereby comprehensively elevating the quality of education and the learning experience.

The role of Tianli Education’s self-developed smart education platform in these innovative practices is indispensable. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and big data analytics, this platform achieves intelligent management and optimal allocation of educational resources. Notably, this platform extends its services beyond the confines of Tianli Education, aiming to bring revolutionary changes to the national and even global educational landscape. Its personalized learning path recommendation system, intelligent teaching assessments, and interactive learning experiences significantly heighten the degree of engagement and customization in education, making it more precise and efficient while greatly enhancing students’ interest in learning and teachers’ teaching efficacy.

To vividly demonstrate Tianli Education’s achievements in AI and smart education, let’s consider specific data and examples. For instance, by implementing the smart education platform, Tianli Education has improved teaching efficiency by around 20% and overall student academic performance by around 15% in the past year. Moreover, teacher job satisfaction has seen a significant boost. Additionally, the platform’s personalized recommendation system has successfully provided customized learning experience for over half of the students, tailored to their learning habits and capability development.

In summary, Tianli Education’s innovative practices in the realm of AI and smart education represent not only the cutting edge of technology and education integration but also the emergence of a new educational philosophy and model. These accomplishments not only optimize educational processes and quality but also illuminate the path for future educational development, offering invaluable insights and models. On this foundation, the educational models and philosophies of Tianli Education are set to become a banner leading the future of global education.

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