WeAre8 scales transformational ad-experience across USA’s biggest publishers

NEW YORK, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — WeAre8, the revolutionary social technology platform, has today announced a collaboration with Public Good, America’s leading digital purpose marketing solution.  The partnership expands WeAre8’s ‘Golden 8 ad unit’, which shares the economics with people, publishers and charities for every video view across leading publishing sites across America.

Leveraging WeAre8 and Public Good’s technology, data and AI-for-Good contextual targeting, brands can run targeted video campaigns at scale using the ‘Golden 8 ad unit’ across high quality publishers. This includes national and local news sites. Reaching over half of Americans every month, publishing sites include The Guardian and HuffPost and specialty publications including Food Network, Oprah, Discovery and Upworthy and many more.

Arriving in the USA in late 2023, WeAre8 reimagines what a social community can be, eliminating anonymity, inappropriate content and comments, and offers a content feed you control, not an algorithm. The WeAre8 social experience also splits out advertising from the content feed, with people choosing to opt-in to watch brand stories and be valued for their time. With significant attention rates, click through rates, and powerful targeting, WeAre8’s offers brands transformational results and now with Public Good, scale through world class publishers.

Zoe Kalar, WeAre8 Founder & Global CEO, stated, “Our collaboration is the start of transformational change in our industry. With our industry-first technology including validated identity, centralized wallet, AI and multi-language UX, our ‘Golden 8’ ad experience puts people and publishers at the economic center of the industry – which is exactly where they should be. This, coupled with Public Good’s technology and scaled integrations with publishers, creates an industry evolution and an alternative for advertisers that is truly revolutionary. We are very excited for all this partnership will bring and our aligned vision for the future.

Melissa Anderson, Public Good Co-founder & President said: “We are incredibly excited about our partnership with WeAre8 which extends our platform experience into the WeAre8 social media app to reach Gen Z in a positive and empowering environment. When it comes to social purpose driving brand growth, this is a partnership that delivers in spades. It’s sustainable, it connects brands with a community cause, and best of all it values people for their time.

WeAre8 will kick off the collaboration with Public Good with a new campaign for Warner Bros. Discovery’s Adult Swim and the launch of season 2 of the smash hit adult animation series, Smiling Friends. Warner Bros. Discovery will leverage the ‘Golden 8 ad unit’ across the WeAre8 app and the Public Good Publisher Network. 

Image of new ad unit from WeAre8 and Public Good that shares money with people and charity with every video view
Image of new ad unit from WeAre8 and Public Good that shares money with people and charity with every video view

Key features of WeAre8’s collaboration with Public Good include:

People-Centric Advertising: WeAre8’s ad units value people for their time by sharing micro payments back with people for every ad viewed. 
Recent findings by audience insights agency, Lumen, show that WeAre8’s pay-to view ad-model grabbed 67 times more attention than other social advertising. With 82% of people claiming they felt happy knowing they were paid to watch ads, which boosted brand recall above industry norms.

Community Impact:  View a video, and both a donation to a charity of the brand’s choice and a payment to the viewer are made. Payments are stored in the WeAre8 centralized wallet, accessible with a verified email. Funds can be withdrawn via PayPal or forwarded to charities or community groups within the app.

Better for the planet:
Every video campaign on WeAre8 and Public Good is carbon neutralized, effectively reducing the digital footprint of a brand’s digital activity.

Transparency and Accountability:
The partnership prioritizes transparency in advertising metrics and real-time reporting via WeAre8’s sustainable ad manager, SAM-i. This ensures brands have a clear understanding of the impact of their digital campaigns across the WeAre8 app and across the open web.

Scale: The partnership offers advertisers a cohesive video advertising experience spanning the WeAre8 app to publishers in the Public Good network, enabling brands to reach tens of millions of Americans every month.

Moments of Motivation: Public Good’s proprietary AI-based contextual targeting finds “moments of motivation” in news and content empowering people to engage with brands when they are reading about topics they care about.

WeAre8 was created by tech entrepreneur Zoe Kalar (formerly Sue Fennessy), who also founded and led NY based media data aggregation business, Standard Media Index.

Since 2022, WeAre8 and Public Good have redirected more than US$11,000,000 back to people, communities and charities through their transformational advertising models.


WeAre8 is available to download now from Apple App Store or Google Play.

For more information:

Please contact: Effie Kanyuaeffie@weare8.com; Luke Robinson, Chief Marketing Officer, WeAre8, (+61 417 548 688) | Luke@weare8.com 

About WeAre8 

WeAre8, founded by tech entrepreneur Zoe Kalar (formerly known as Sue Fennessy), is a revolutionary social media platform that protects people’s self expression, values people’s time and empowers them to make a positive impact. Through its transformational economic model, WeAre8 gives back the majority of its ad revenue to its citizens, community groups, charities, creators, and planet projects. By allowing individuals to earn micro-payments for ad-views and providing them with the flexibility to pay it forward, WeAre8 is a movement towards shifting the infinite power of big tech back into the hands of the people and inspires its citizens to live their best lives off-screen. For more information, visit www.WeAre8.com.

About Public Good

Public Good helps brands fuel action. Our AI-for-Good contextual targeting platform engages people in a company’s values and purpose, creating brand ambassadors on behalf of today’s leading brands including CVS Health, Unilever, Pfizer, L’Oreal, Microsoft and Allstate. Public Good reaches people in a unique moment of motivation: when they are reading about the topics that align with a brand’s efforts and values such as environment, equality, hunger and health. Our high quality network has the world’s leading publishers including HuffPost, Guardian, Hearst Magazines and Discovery Network.


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