Webull Singapore to offer SGX listed products and securities to retail investors

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SINGAPORE, Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Webull Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd (“Webull Singapore”), an affiliate of the US trading platform, Webull Financial LLC, today announced the launch of SGX-listed products and securities offerings on its trading platform. The move marks a significant milestone for Webull Singapore and provides retail investors access to a wider range of investment opportunities across this key market. This includes access to an extensive range of SGX-listed stocks, REITs, DLCs, and ETFs. Access to SGX-listed products and securities will be made available to Webull Singapore’s customer base – giving investors the opportunity to invest in local companies. This move marks Webull’s continued commitment to helping both new and experienced investors gain access to a wider range of investment channels.

With the inclusion of the SGX-listed products, Webull now offers investors access to more than 700 SGX-listed stocks, REITs, DLCs, and ETFs, over 15,000 US stocks and options, and over 3,000 Hong Kong securities, Mainland China A-shares, all easily accessible on its mobile trading platform. Additionally, Webull offers up to 400 mutual funds from various fund houses and wealth management tools like Moneybull and Regular Savings Plan to help clients effectively manage and grow their wealth.

Bernard Teo, Head of Asia-Pacific, Webull Corporation and CEO, Webull Singapore commented, “This expansion in the Singapore market reaffirms our commitment to providing investors with a comprehensive and accessible global trading platform, offering them with a diverse range of products and securities across key financial markets. For our clients in Singapore, this will provide an opportunity to invest in a market that they are more familiar with.”

“Through the seamless integration of our world-class technology and best-in-class tools with the strength and depth of SGX-listed products, we believe that we are creating a compelling proposition for our investors,” Teo added. By providing access to key financial markets in Mainland China, Hong Kong, the US, and Singapore, we hope to offer our clients in Singapore enhanced flexibility across their investment portfolios, ultimately empowering investors to build a globally diverse portfolio.”

The launch of SGX-listed securities on the Webull platform will empower investors to effectively navigate and manage their portfolio risks that are aligned with their investment appetite. For investors who are looking for long-term stability, they will be able to invest in dividend stocks and blue-chip companies listed on the SGX, alongside SGX-listed REITs and ETFs. This is in addition to having access to existing securities in the US, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

As Webull continues to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, the company remains invested in building a robust and intuitive platform for investors to trade on. Webull is committed to providing investors with low-cost trading, real-time market data updates and in-depth analysis reports that will enhance their trading experience.

Since the official launch of Webull Singapore in May 2022, it has contributed to the growth of its user base and the Webull App has reached 40 million downloads globally. As Webull continues to strengthen its presence across the world, it will continue to explore and introduce additional features and products for investors.

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