Winspace China 1st grand tour brand, makes history at the 2024 La Vuelta Femenina

XIAMEN, China, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The 2024 La Vuelta España Femenina was held from April 28th to May 5th, 2024. Winspace women cycling team, including Chinese rider Tang Xin, successfully completed this top cycling race, ranked 16th. This year’s event was also the debut of Chinese (Mainland) bicycle brand and athlete participating at this world-level cycling event, making history for both La Vuelta España Femenina and Winspace.


Winspace women cycling team applied the Winspace T1550 frameset and Lún HYPER wheels for the race. The products withstood the test of the cobblestone roads of Paris-Roubaix over tens of kilometers and the complex road conditions of more than 800 kilometers in the Vuelta, demonstrating Winspace’s excellent product quality.

Winspace constantly innovates and improves its product offerings. From the early T700 to the latest T1550, every Winspace model received wide recognition and praises from worldwide riders. Especially, Chinese riders commented Winspace as “the Pride of Chinese Brands”.

Winspace’s flagshipaero road bike frameset T1550, which has been on the market for 7 years since its launch, has been through three iterations and has received growing popularity. It competed in top events such as the Tour of China UCI professional race, the Tour of Japan UCI professional race, and the US Masters, winning numerous honors, including championships. It has also become the racing bike for strong teams such as the Australian VAN DAM team, the Thai TCC national team, the US RBB team, the Japanese SPARKLE team, the New Zealand Coupland team, and the Indonesian KGB national team.

Lún, the in-house wheel brand of Winspace, was born in 2019, adhering to the concept of “boundlessness,” not pursuing the ultimate of a single performance, but striving to achieve the best balance. To date, the Lún HYPER series has become synonymous with high-end, high-performance carbon fiber wheel sets.

Winspace adheres to the philosophy of “customer-oriented, product-focused,” pouring endless passion into the sport of road cycling, injecting relentless enthusiasm into innovation, providing customers with high-quality products and services that meet their precise needs, and allowing both professional cyclists and amateur cycling enthusiasts to enjoy a joyful and fulfilling cycling life.

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