Wound Care Plus, LLC Revolutionizes Wound Management with ARANZ Medical’s Silhouette Solution

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, April 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Wound Care Plus, LLC, a leading provider of mobile wound care services in the US, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with ARANZ Medical to integrate ARANZ Medical’s innovative Silhouette wound assessment solution into their wound care management practice. This strategic collaboration will significantly enhance the ability of the Wound Care Plus team to document their patients’ wound assessment, procedures, and healing outcomes efficiently and accurately.

The Silhouette solution functions offline, making it perfect for mobile clinicians and allowing wound care practitioners to capture high-quality images and accurate wound measurements without requiring an internet connection. This capability streamlines the onsite wound assessment process, empowering the Advanced Wound Specialists at Wound Care Plus to conduct thorough assessments with unparalleled precision, regardless of the patient’s location.

“We are thrilled with our decision to integrate ARANZ Medical’s Silhouette solution into our mobile workforce,” said Martha R Kelso, CEO of Wound Care Plus, LLC. “This partnership underscores the commitment of Wound Care Plus to deliver the highest care for our patients while optimizing operational efficiency. Silhouette’s high-quality images and advanced measurement capabilities have revolutionized our wound management protocols, enabling our clinicians to make informed decisions quickly and accurately without needing an internet connection. The ARANZ technology paired with the ARANZ documentation platform designed for mobile wound providers did not exist in the United States before this partnership. I thank ARANZ for providing the much-needed solution for mobile groups everywhere who feel stuck using documentation platforms that limit the company’s growth while preventing or limiting a provider’s ability to chart patient care at the bedside. What a positive, innovative change!”

The wound specialists at Wound Care Plus have collaborated with the New Zealand-based software team at Silhouette to ensure ease of documentation, compliance with regulatory requirements, and other features desirable to mobile practitioners. This collaborative effort has ensured that the Silhouette system is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the Wound Care Plus team. The Silhouette system rollout and training will continue throughout the coming weeks in all the states and care settings where Wound Care Plus treats patients with wounds or skin issues. The integration of Silhouette into the mobile workforce at Wound Care Plus represents a paradigm shift in the way wounds are assessed, monitored, and treated.

Martha R Kelso stated, “The ARANZ partnership helps Wound Care Plus meet our mission, vision, and values in the following ways: enhancing lives while promoting healing using this state-of-the-art wound care assessment and charting platform, promoting advancements, being forward thinkers, collaborating with industry leaders to create a positive environment for the future of healthcare, while still being the nationally recognized choice for advanced specialty wound care. It’s quite impressive.”

“We are proud to collaborate with Wound Care Plus in their mission to transform wound care delivery,” said Dr. Bruce Davey, CEO of ARANZ Medical. “Our Silhouette solution is designed to empower healthcare providers with actionable insights, and with this partnership, we can really personalize the level of care that can be provided and drive better patient outcomes together. Together, we are poised to redefine the standards of wound assessment and management.”

For more information about Wound Care Plus, LLC and its services, please visit: https://mywoundcareplus.com/. To learn more about ARANZ Medical and the Silhouette solution, visit: https://www.aranzmedical.com/

About Wound Care Plus, LLC:

Wound Care Plus LLC is a leading provider of comprehensive wound care services, delivering high-quality care to patients in various healthcare settings across several states in the US. With a dedicated team of skilled clinicians and a commitment to innovation, Wound Care Plus, LLC strives to improve patient outcomes and enhance the quality of life for individuals with chronic wounds.

About ARANZ Medical:

ARANZ Medical is a medical device company focused on innovative medical image-capture devices and recording, reporting, and analysis software. The company’s flagship product, Silhouette, is trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide to deliver accurate, objective wound assessments and optimize patient care. ARANZ Medical is committed to driving innovation in healthcare and improving clinical outcomes through advanced technology.

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